My “Chopsticks Complex”

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In the summer of 1990, a few days before I was to graduate from Jining Medical College, several of my classmates and I helped the instructor to move to a new house.After working all morning, the teacher had to detain us for dinner at her house.In the teacher’s home, the students talk and eat more casually.Food on the table, see more than a pair of chopsticks, a male spoon.The teacher said: as a medical student, you should use your good habits and behavior to influence the people around you.For example, serving chopsticks and spoons are a kind of respect for people who eat with them. On the one hand, they will not eat the saliva of others, and on the other hand, they will reduce the infection of diseases.The teacher’s casual words left a deep impression on me and urged me to do it in the future work and life.After graduation, I was assigned to the hospital of Cerebrovascular disease rehabilitation in Yutai County, Shandong Province. The number of dinner parties increased with my contacts and friends.I found that in the 1980s and 1990s, there was no awareness of using chopsticks.I persuaded my parents and siblings to start with serving chopsticks.At first, my family is not used to it. I use chopsticks every time I eat at home. When I do not eat at home, my mother often forgets to use them.Because of my insistence and the fact that I am the only doctor in my family, speaking naturally has weight, and gradually the whole family got used to using chopsticks.When the wife just entered the door, the use of public chopsticks in my home is very repugnant: “with respect to your doctor pretentious, you see left neighbor right give up a few use public chopsticks, it is superfluous.”I joked: “Truth is often in the hands of a few people!We should keep doing what is good for our health.”Gradually, my wife got used to using chopsticks and introduced them to my in-laws’ home.Wife smile yue: use public chopsticks is troublesome spot, eat nevertheless be at ease, benefit still is greater than harm, perhaps you are right, this perhaps is new fashion of a kind of food!Chopsticks have also caused embarrassment for my family.Remember 5 years ago, the cousin who lived in the countryside came to my house to walk relatives, dinner, cousin saw me with chopsticks to his food, his face immediately “clear turn cloudy”, that chopsticks is specifically directed at him.Mother saw the way, busy stood up and said she had a cold two days ago, in order to prevent infection to everyone just specially prepared a pair of public chopsticks.My cousin doubted my mother’s explanation, and though the meal was sumptuous, neither the guest nor the host enjoyed it.During the SARS outbreak in 2003, public health experts advocated the “dining table revolution” and the news media urged more people to use chopsticks and spoons. But after SARS, nothing changed.In the past two years, the sudden arrival of COVID-19 has brought about a profound revolution in people’s eating habits while bringing a huge disaster to the whole country.In fact, from the point of view of health and epidemic prevention, every dinner party provides an opportunity for the spread of the virus. Actively promoting serving chopsticks, spoons and separate meals is equivalent to a source of public health and safety control.In the winter of 2020, I was sent to rural areas in southwest Shandong to participate in the “Health to the Countryside” activity organized by the municipal government.Eating and living in the countryside for more than a month, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many township, town market restaurants, restaurants, most of the use of chopsticks and disposable disinfection tableware.Healthy dining habits and hygienic habits have begun to form as part of the construction of the new countryside.I believe that the good habit of serving chopsticks and spoons will be formed.Author: Zhang Qun, The People’s Political Consultative Conference (February 14, 2022 edition 07)