The key to home wireless Internet is to connect to a wireless router. The method is very simple and don’t miss it

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With the popularization of broadband network, more and more people will use a lot of electronic devices at home, such as computers, mobile phones, ipads and so on.However, these devices must be connected to a wireless router in the home in order to use the wireless Internet.But there are a lot of people who are clueless about how to use a wireless network and how to set up a connection.If you want to access the Internet properly, you need a router and a modem.Because the key of family wireless Internet, is the connection of wireless router, the method is very simple, computer white had better not miss.Simply put, in order for all kinds of electronic devices to connect to the Internet through a wireless router, the wireless router must be connected to the cat, also known as the MODEM.Connect one end of the network cable to the Lan interface of the optical modem and the other end to the WAN interface of the router, and then set the wireless network of the router on the computer.Enter in the search box. First, open a browser on your computer and type in the address search box. Then enter your account and password.Secondly, enter the router network setting interface after completion and click the setup wizard on the left.Find and click set password for wireless Internet access.This is to prevent others from sharing our network and causing network congestion.Click save to take effect after setting each item.Find and click, and then continue to complete the next step, find and click, in the interface that pops out of the default router to select the appropriate Internet access mode, do not need to change the next step directly, enter and save in the Settings.After completing the above Settings, an interface will pop up for you to check the parameters you set, and then click Save to confirm the parameters.This completes the setup of the wireless router.Finally, you need to set the TCP/IP protocol of the local network of the computer. Right click the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer to open the network Settings.Find and click, find and right click.In the local connection properties open, find and click.Enter the IP address and other information. You can enter only the preferred DNS service.Then reboot the computer to see if it works, and if not, reset it.Wireless Network brings a lot of fun to work and life in general, wireless network brings a lot of fun to work and life, as long as the wireless router is set up correctly, there is no need to worry about the Internet access problem of electronic devices.For the computer, as long as the above methods can be set up a wireless router, connecting to the wireless network is not a problem.If you like, please give us a thumbs up, attention and share!Also feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section and share it with more people.Want to know more wonderful content, please pay attention to “xiaobao chat computer digital”, take you to grow knowledge together.