The price!Almost halved

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On February 8 at 3:00 am, before dawn, two trucks loaded with cherries entered Chengdu Pengzhou Mengyang Fruit wholesale market.As soon as the car came to a stop, someone was guarding the door before the container opened.”This is the first cordia to arrive this year. They call it the Rolls-Royce of cherries.”Yang Ran, head of Xinnonglian Trading Co, one of the market’s top three cherries sellers, said cordia is the most expensive of all cherries.It is understood that a cordia variety of ten jin loaded cherry specifications from 2J to 4J, the price from low to high respectively in 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 580 yuan.”Like 3J years ago to seven hundred yuan a piece, each specification of a piece almost all cheaper 200 yuan.”Yang Ran pointed to other varieties of cherries said, after all the cherries are cheaper than before the year, some of the severe price with the festival than almost “cut in half.”You can buy two “How much is this?””That is 240 yuan a piece, a piece of ten jin, before the 300 yuan.””Much cheaper than years ago!””It went down after The New Year.”…”Before the Spring Festival, the price increased by 10 or 20 yuan every day. In a week, the price of a piece increased by more than 200 yuan.”Yang ran explained that the price increase is due to the low number of goods delivered before the Spring Festival, and the strong demand during the Spring Festival.Among them promotion of rabins 3J specifications 10 catties pack a price of 199 yuan, before the highest about 380 yuan, the price almost half cut, before a piece of money, after almost can buy two.”Right after the launch and holiday are generally the best value times to buy cherries.”Yang ran said that people can choose different kinds of cherries according to their preferences.He lifted a bag of cherries from a carton and reminded everyone to look at the white paper underneath each bag of cherries before buying the whole thing.If the paper is completely dry, it means the cherries are not damaged. If the paper is wet, it’s probably from the cherries.Source | issued by the chengdu shangbao edit | pay MengYing | zhang ning