What are the fun places in Sunshine?Where can I eat seafood?

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Come to this coastal city and experience the sunrise of the local people. There are many interesting places that many people want to know. Today, we take stock of them.Daquangou fishing Port Rizhao minority travel places (tapping priority, few people before Tibetan year️ ‼️), the fishing port is near the shanhaitian tourist resort. There are very few people on the beach here, and the sand is particularly delicate, recommended!Weekends there are a lot of small lovers to take a walk ~ in the sand beach to the opposite direction and ten thousand mouth has been along the beach to go 20 minutes or so to the big spring ditch fishing port, on the beach can see the red lighthouse is, (there are no sisters in zhang Wansen’s poison, lighthouse).In fact, I came across this place by chance when I waited for the bus to read the stop sign. It was a strange place called Daquangou Village. After arriving, it was beyond my expectation.Different times of day have their own beauty, it’s a great place to watch the sunset, couples holding hands.Photo small Tips1.There are two lighthouses that are recommended not to be missed. If you are not allowed to enter, you can turn around the other lighthouse and step on the rocks to shoot.2.Those who want to watch the sunset should check the weather forecast ahead of time.Peach blossom island here is really a super invincible good place, compared to the square thousand mouth, I super recommend this place, square thousand mouth three door some wedding photos place, it also has!!Meet a prince charming!The Museum is located on a beach, full of artistic atmosphere, be sure to visit during sunset.There are not as many shells here as there are ten thousand, but the water is cleaner.Taigong Island Oyster Park: ️ you can catch the sea all the year round, remember to bring rubber shoes.Taigong island is a tidal island, with only its top and an escape tower exposed to the sea.Upset people come here to relax, stepping on the beach, the sole of the feet soak in the sea water, what things can vanish into thin air.If you feel sad, you can catch small crabs, but they are hidden under big rocks. Remember to bring a bigger bucket!Night Market in Rizhao University Town: This year was last year when local food makers rushed to Tibetan Plateau every weekend️ Oh, the night market of every place is the soul of every place, soul!I prefer the sunshine smell to the commercial smell of Dongyi Town!I highly recommend the thick-cut stir-fried yogurt. It’s super delicious!Their lemon tea is also a specialty!Pot wrapped chicken fillet, who said only in Harbin can eat pot wrapped meat!We also have rizhao, very delicious, soft taste.Seafood: to Sunshine did not eat seafood is equal to nothing, in fact, there are a lot of local delicious seafood restaurant, my home downstairs the old county restaurant is also very good, very popular, local old grandpa eat for many years, the characteristic seafood is absolutely no child!Come to sunshine, whatever to do, catch crabs, play in the sand, see the lighthouse, find a mate, have fun!