GGII: 2021 Industrial Robot Sales

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In 2021 as the start of the implementation of “difference”, in the industry, is a good start, although still faces the core parts of “their” problem, at the same time, the upstream raw material supply problem has not been completely, but we still can see, in 2021 the great changes of China’s industrial robot industry, market sales of 248000 units,With a year-on-year growth of 46.1%, the market sales volume is expected to reach 300,000 units in 2022.

Sales and Forecast of Industrial Robots in China from 2016 to 2022 (Unit: 10,000 units %)
Data source: GaOGong Robot Industry Research Institute (GGII)
GGII through continuous tracking research, recently combed out 2021 industrial robot sales year-end inventory (part 1), for industry people’s reference!We will launch the year-end inventory of industrial robot sales in 2021 (part 2), please look forward to it!
1. Fanuc, the manufacturer with the largest overall sales volume of industrial robots in The Chinese market in 2021;
2. Eston, the manufacturer with the largest sales volume of multi-joint robots in China in 2021;
3. Huichuan Technology, the manufacturer with the largest sales volume of SCARA robots in China in 2021;
4. Well Primus, the manufacturer with the largest sales volume of cooperative robots in The Chinese market in 2021;
5. Huiling Technology, the manufacturer with the largest shipments of SCARA (four-axis) robots in China in 2021;

6. In 2021, Kanop will be the manufacturer selling the most welding robots in China;
7. Alite Robot, the manufacturer with the fastest sales growth in overseas market of Chinese domestic collaborative robot in 2021;
8. In 2021, Huacheng Industrial Control is the manufacturer with the largest shipments of integrated drive products in China;
9. The manufacturer with the largest number of 3D vision (positioning/grasping/sorting/unpalletizing application) shipment sets in 2021 — Mecamander;
10. The industry with the largest increase in the demand for industrial robots in China in 2021 — new energy (lithium + photovoltaic);
Data range description:
◆ The above data are based on the research summary of GAOGong Robot Industry Research Institute (GGII) in 2021;
◆ The above data are mainly from mainland China, with a small amount of overseas and global market data;
◆ For more data details, please contact GGII.

If there is more enterprise performance and product sales information, welcome to communicate with us, we will present in the follow-up!

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