Shangluo cartoonist to life “worship” creation, portrait cartoon god shape

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“Comic writing has become a part of my life, just like taking a walk outside in my spare time every day.It may seem that comics are not as delicate as traditional painting, but they can always give people meaningful inspiration with simple and clear pictures through a few lines of ink.”Shangluo city cartoonist association chairman Wang Kuo said.On February 3, when the reporter of Huachang Daily contacted Wang Kuo, he was spending the Spring Festival with his family in danfeng, his hometown. When it came to comics, Wang Kuo was very talkative. He told the reporter that he was in a shopping trip in 1992,He came across a cartoon drawn by Li Naliang, the former president of shaanxi Cartoon Research Association, which was very interesting. From that moment, he fell in love with comics.From then on, Wang Kuo’s heart planted a seed to create cartoons, at that time Wang Kuo wanted to learn to draw cartoons, but had not met a cartoon teacher, he could only learn by himself, until 1999, because of a sketch cartoon work, he knew the art editor Niu Xinping of Shangluo Daily.In the 1990s, Zhulinguan is the land of fish and rice in Danfeng, rich in products and beautiful scenery. There is a local saying that zhulinguan has eight views.At that time, Wang Kuo was teaching in Zhulinguan Middle School. Based on these folk proverbs, he sketched the Scenery of Zhulinguan and published it in Shangluo Daily.After seeing Wang Kuo’s work, Niu Xinping felt that he could see the potential comic thinking in his work, so he was deeply impressed by the danfeng guy and suggested drawing comics to him after contacting him.After some communication with Niu Xinping, wang Kuo realized more deeply that interesting comic art is what he really wants to pursue.After 2000, Wang Kuo shifted his creative focus to comics. He followed Niu Xinping to learn comics and began to create his own comic works.”It was very difficult for me at the beginning,” says Wang Kuo.At that time, I was young and lacked social and life experience, let alone inspiring people with comics.”Cartoon workers are to have the ability to feel life, know this point Wang Kuo determined to life “worship”, since then, he would like to have nothing to walk in the street, carefully observe the people and things around, thought is increasingly mature, his works also slowly got more attention and praise.Wang Kuo, 48 years old, has been devoted to cartoon for more than 20 years. In his opinion, cartoon is an art form suitable for both young and old, as well as an interesting presentation of his own life and the time environment.Wang Kuo said: “cartoon is a kind of comprehensive art popular with the public. If you want to create excellent works, you have to go deep into life, take the initiative to find inspiration from daily life and feel the creation materials.”Wang Kuo’s character portrait cartoon can be described as both god and shape, a few strokes can show the basic characteristics of the appearance of the characters incisively and vividly.Coupled with his ingenious conception, humorous inscriptions, a full of wit and humor of the character diffuse image will jump out on the paper.Wang kuo said he started drawing comic portraits in 2015, when he drew comic portraits for tourists in Dihua Scenic Spot to help promote Tourism in Danfeng. During the painting process, the joy of tourists also affected him, making him feel a different kind of fun.Since then, he has experimented with portrait comics.In the creation of cartoon portraits, Wang Kuo focuses on strengthening the personalization of characters.In terms of artistic treatment, he would exaggerate and deform according to the facial features of the characters, so as to produce humorous comic effects.Wang Kuo said that he prefers the portraits painted on the spot, monochrome and single line. Although these paintings do not have too much time to deal with the relationship between sketch and color, they seem simple and abstract, but they are a spiritual conversation and collision, so they are more interesting.With the official opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics this evening, Wang Kuo and his team have created several cartoon works, which have won praise.In April 2021, Wang kuo was elected as the chairman of shangluo Cartoonists Association, which made him feel more burdened and motivated to create works that serve the overall situation of society.As a member of the association, Wang Kuo created a cup of green tea, the party shines on our village, God Bless the South and other excellent works.Nowadays, Wang Kuo’s cartoon works are well known for their unique charm, and he is also happy to make friends with comics, to witness the changes of The Times and give back to the society.Wang Kuo admits that comic creation has become a part of his life, just like walking outdoors in his spare time every day. He focuses on enjoying the process of creation.In Wang Kuo’s opinion, cartoon bears a special social function, that is, serving the overall situation and reflecting the hot issues of people’s livelihood.As for him, he also takes this sense of mission as his original intention of drawing cartoons: “No matter what form of artistic creation, it is necessary to go deep into life, go deep into the grassroots, and constantly improve personal artistic quality, so as to create cartoons full of positive energy and advocating good social atmosphere.”Huachang daily reporter Cheng Juan editor Liu Peng statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: