Since there is no chance, why the oath?In the past, like water without trace, you have become a stranger

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You say being in love is bitter, but you don’t know that I’m just in love with you, so it’s sweet for me to be in love with you, but if you don’t want to be in love with me, then love is bitter, because unrequited love is destined to be fruitless pain.Life to meet a lot of people, some people, meet at the wrong time, is doomed to miss.It is better to destroy love calmly than a fish to die, so as to wake up and give each other a way to live. Therefore, if you say love is very bitter and do not want to love, then do not love!In fact, I know very clearly that true love is a persistent “silly”, will be most willing to pay the truth, pay their own heart.Love is a heart, countless waves in the bottom of my heart, is two people connected, love.No matter how the outcome, no matter whether two people go together, no matter whether two people can love each other for a lifetime, will have no regrets, so even bitter, as long as I want to, I can eat this bitter, but you don’t want to I don’t force, because love is my thing, you don’t love is your thing.Why not forget if you don’t look back?In this past life, when love has become the past, two to see each other is just surprised to meet again.Since there is no chance, why the oath?Maybe we can’t expect that there will be changes in the future, after all, everyone is used to fantasy in love, but all the vows and pledges arrived but the reality.As time goes by, the past is like water without a trace, the past is like smoke with the wind, the past is the past, tomorrow evening, you have been strangers, wish from now on each good!