TES auxiliary Zhuo late night self-declared exit, gear brother or will stop turning

2022-05-05 0 By

With mark official announcement to join, TES last night also released and RNG team competition roster, the team’s single, wild and auxiliary with our previous speculation are the same as a replacement, and with the announcement of the roster, the team’s substitute auxiliary Zhuo came to his fan base, and fans said a very interesting words.First of all, Zhuo has not been marketed to his fans before; this Zhuo entry is more about explaining his current situation and the reason for substituting. In the first sentence, Zhuo said that he would take a rest for some time. I estimate that rest should be a comprehensive rest.Neither Rank nor training will have a good effect.Zhuo’s second paragraph explained the cause of the rest, he couldn’t keep the common heart to game, unable to focus to the game, obviously this is due to a variety of public opinion pressure, lead to the more he wanted to prove himself, or due to the pressure of public opinion, he is afraid of making mistakes, it is easier to lead to him out of the question, and deformation of comprehensive operation and train of thought.In fact, Zhuo was also labeled as a genius assistant in LDL debut, and even Zhuo said in high spirits when he joined LPL, “I declare that the gear of my life has begun to turn”, and his performance in the first few games was good, but unfortunately his performance was not ideal after he joined TES, coupled with the mentality problems brought by youth.His play is getting worse and worse, until recently, even failed to reach the pass line, the high-spirited boy, gone forever.And even if Mark does not play well, the public opinion of TES fans in Zhuo will not start again. Zhuo’s career in TES is basically announced to end at this moment, and then it is most likely to leave TES. The words in the picture are also more like goodbye, that is to say, the game between TES and OMG is most likely his farewell game in TES.Then after we can see in LPL Zhuo, my feeling is very difficult, for the first Zhuo on the pitch all of the performance and he spoke in the group of instructions, he has been afraid to play, the effects of his mentality has even spread to the field, you can refer to sapphire blue, after he was sprayed dishes, the performance of the play is also very poor, finally can only be retired.And Zhuo is a new player fans quantity is not much, spray can only endure, if just spray food is good, but most people the attack on him is not just a few words of food can be finished, they could not die Zhuo, gave Zhuo TES not ideal result comes down a person, except, of course, is the cause of the spray, Zhuo own problems or more,After all, when you’re not playing well, anything you say is like an excuse.Summary: Above are some feelings for Zhuo late at night, tomorrow is Zhuo’s 21st birthday, in any case, I wish him a happy birthday, but also hope TES can win the game with RNG today!