What is the development after graduation of art student, employment situation becomes a problem?A lot of people don’t know

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In the opinion of many outsiders, when they hear that you are an art student, most will consider transferring to art because of poor grades.Looking to the future, they believe it will be difficult for art students to find a job after graduation and employment opportunities are relatively narrow.In fact, art students have always been a paradox.Many people study art because they can find a place in society in the future, not just because they want to be a painter.Are art students really unemployed after graduation?What can art students do after graduation?If a person who does not know art can only think of painting or art teaching to sell money.In fact, the employment situation of art majors is not worse than that of other majors.On the other hand, the job prospects of some arts majors are so good that the number of applicants has increased in recent years.If we say “graduation means unemployment”, this sentence applies to many majors, not just arts majors.In many other majors, such as Chinese Language and literature, environmental engineering and biological design, few students can participate in their majors after graduation.Besides painting, which people understand, art students also have design majors, and they have a wide range of career opportunities.Environmental art design and visual communication design are very popular among art majors.There are still few interior and landscape design professionals in environmental art and design and few visual communication design professionals in graphic design.Some students love painting, study major subjects related to painting, make some games, original painter, design of animated characters and pay is very rich.In terms of employment, we need to consider everyone’s ideas and hobbies, I think if you work hard enough, it will be easier to find a job.What is the future for art students?After college, some go into design, while others go into education.We can enter the university through art major, good art foundation is just a threshold.If you want to develop your profession, you still need to keep learning and working hard on your own.Although I would be very good at drawing in high school, if I chose to major in design in college, I wouldn’t be able to find a job unless I studied hard.Although the design major is popular now and the employment prospect is very good, there are so many graduates every year, but few people finally participate in the design work.Fed up with the job market?Not really.In fact, talent in the field is still scarce.Most of the reasons why many graduates cannot attend this major is that their professional competence is not enough to meet the demand of this field.On the other hand, the planning work in the previous stage is very hard and the salary is relatively low, which causes many people to give up halfway.If you compare general culture students and art students on the same platform, then art students can draw.However, if you make light of the fact that you can draw in a group of art students, there is no reason to mention that you can draw.Therefore, whether you are involved in planning or training, you should strengthen your professional foundation and capabilities.In recent years, the increasing popularity of art exams has led to the opening of workshops and counseling classes in many educational institutions (such as art exam students).After graduation, many students attend studio training when they can’t find a job.In this job, the threshold is relatively low, and the salary and benefits are relatively good.How do you approach art auditions?Some people say art is a vicious circle.The most important thing for us is to understand the importance of studying art.If we understand the problem, it will solve itself.I think the purpose of studying art is to create beauty and enrich people’s lives.In today’s colorful world, people need the beauty of this art to enrich their way of life and spirit.The problem is.Are there really many art graduates involved in making art every year?In fact, it’s like looking for gold in the sand.Most people don’t do this kind of work, or don’t have a great talent for making art.So art education involves a lot of people.Then the so-called vicious circle problem arises: by studying art and going to university, she engages in art education after graduation and continues to train students for the university.The question has always been a paradox.In fact, a lot of people aren’t really committed to art, and not everyone has the ability to do it.If we cultivate some people’s art just for art’s sake, perhaps art will lose its true taste.In a word, the future of art students is still relatively broad, I believe that design and artistic creation have a bright future!