God forecast?Professor Du saw 16, 500 points

2022-05-07 0 By

When the headlines of finance and economics also played douyin, the words are not amazing dead endless, dare to say dare to put satellite rose powder.Bald professor God forecast, Shanghai index 6000 points is the starting point, 16500 points is the goal.Words without proof, directly on screenshots.Who dare to laugh at hundreds of thousands of fans of the big V, just estimated that Shanghai refers to 16500 points, after 70 I can not see.With A shares of urine, further back two steps, 22 years to support 4500 points Shanghai, and is the first suppression after Yang.Of course, the pessimists see Shanghai 3000 points I am sniffer, 3300 points is a strong support, two months 3500 points is a barrier.However, the registration system is inevitable this year, the United States interest rate hike is just a stab at the institution’s cheap bones, on the economic landscape alone, the year of the Tiger will eventually stand firm above 4000 points, 4500 points.Shanghai hit 3361 points, then look empty that do not play shares, Friday before the year has been full, sitting and waiting for next Monday, Tuesday harvest two red disk to speak again.In the big A play, do not do dead long do not do short, master the urine of two steps further back, careful operation, choose low stock, do some living expenses is also edification of sentiment, who call have this hobby.Convoy, pay attention to the Eagle 668, the year of the tiger hair hair!