678 dishes available in 24 hours!American reporter greedy cry, like to eat braised pork and kung pao chicken

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With the official opening of the Winter Olympics just a day away, the ice Cube venue is ready for athletes to enjoy the games.In these days, the Winter Olympic athletes have basically completed the competition area check-in, are carrying out some pre-competition training.Arriving at the competition area in advance not only enables them to feel the atmosphere of the competition in advance, but also enables many athletes to feel the unprecedented experience brought to them by this event.In recent days we have seen a lot of players have updated arrived division some personal feelings, first division accommodation environment is very satisfactory, for smart bed winter Olympics, many athletes are full of praise, especially the zero gravity model, let athletes thoroughly relax, obtained the consistent thumb up.Compared with the cardboard bed of the Tokyo Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics can be said to have done a better job in humanization, allowing athletes to get a better rest after fatigue and face the competition in a better state.In addition, the epidemic prevention work for the competition area is also very perfect and cautious.Not long ago, World champion Christopher Of the United States also praised the arrangement of the tournament, saying that he had to take nucleic acid tests every day, so it was really reassuring to be able to compete in a more secure state.So obviously, the Winter Olympics has done everything right, creating the best environment for athletes to compete and rest, and ensuring that they can perform at their best in the competition.Of course, as a top international competition, in addition to accommodation and prevention and control, athletes’ food is also a big problem.It can be said that the ability to eat well will be an important criterion for athletes to judge the event organizers, as well as the top priority of the competition environment.And in this regard, the Beijing Winter Olympics also achieved the real perfection.Not long ago, according to the American reporters with the team, we can see that the competition area catering arrangement is very perfect.A total of 678 dishes have been decided in the competition area, including 12 tables, and the menu will be changed again in 8 days.It can be said that the dishes are not the same, and can take care of everyone’s taste.And in the restaurant competition area also arranged the isolation board, in the provision of food at the same time, but also let everyone can eat at ease.In the end, the American reporter also imagined Chinese food in advance, saying that he hoped to eat his favorite dishes such as braised pork in brown sauce and kung pao chicken.So it is true that the 678 dishes are different from each other, which really gives athletes rich choices. They can enjoy delicious food while participating in the competition, and also make them more happy to participate in the competition.It can be said that this is a thoughtful arrangement, and will get unanimous praise from the athletes.I also hope that the competitors can feel at home, in this intimate competition environment competition strength without regret, in Beijing Winter Olympics to deliver the best Olympic spirit!