“E car” Honda all-new generation CR-V exposure!Years at

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At present, Honda CR-V has a very good performance in the domestic market, which is derived from its reputation accumulated over the years.And according to the news, the all-electric version of the all-new CR-V will be launched in Europe, which means Honda will start to pilot the all-electric version in areas with high acceptance of all-electric tram, and if it goes well, the all-electric version will be launched in China soon.From the new generation of CR-V changes, there are obvious changes in the design, especially the front face, it becomes more sharp, more aggressive, in the eyes of big players, the appearance level is higher than the current model.And the body shape has become more robust, more in line with the aesthetic taste of consumers now.A group of patent images of Honda’s all-new CR-V have been obtained by online auto market. The new car is expected to be released in overseas markets by the end of 2022 at the earliest, and is expected to be sold in overseas markets in early 2023.The all-new cr-V model made in China is also expected to go on sale in 2023, and will continue to compete with Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qi-jun, Mitsubishi Outlander and other models.According to overseas media, Honda’s new cr-V will continue to be equipped with a 1.5-ton turbocharged, 2.0-LITER hybrid engine, powertrain matching CVT and E-CVT transmission, and some models will also be equipped with four-wheel drive system.In addition, the new car is also planned to be available in Europe for the first time in an all-electric model.Honda’s cr-V also has a revamped front with a blackened mesh grille and a narrower matrix LED headlight set, similar in shape to Toyota’s Highlander.In addition, the rear part of the L – shaped taillight group has also been eliminated.As for the interior, the new car is likely to have the same design as Honda’s new HR-V, with a new multi-function steering wheel, LCD instruments and a floating central control screen.