Each body: Laporta Harvey blames each other and giving Dembele a free body may be the only solution

2022-05-08 0 By

Joan Laporta and Xavi have blamed each other for France winger Moussa dembele’s uncertain future in the second half of the season, according to la Dietta sport.Dembele did not sign a new contract with Barcelona and did not leave the club during the winter window, and laporta and Xavi held a meeting to see how to handle dembele’s situation in the second half of the season.Laporta told a press conference that “it’s up to the manager to decide” whether to go to the stands or stay with Xavi.However, Xavi said it would be “a decision for the club” if Dembele was not included in the squad.As things stand, all sides are kicking the ball around over Dembele and perhaps the only solution is to free the player and end the nightmare.(Paul)