Jiangsu has a county-level city with an economy higher than Guiyang and Lanzhou and a permanent population of more than 2 million

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Speaking of jiangsu, you certainly will not feel strange, it is not only the tourism in China, the province is also our country’s economy, the high of 11.63 trillion in 2021, succeeded in sat on the throne of the second, so many friends said, some counties and cities in jiangsu, the economic level is almost beyond the capital city of outside.The economy of a county-level city in Jiangsu is higher than that of Guiyang and Lanzhou, with a permanent population of more than 2 million. As you may have guessed, this city is kunshan, the strongest county-level city in Jiangsu.Kunshan is currently a county-level city managed by Suzhou. Although its level is not high, its economy is unusually developed. In 2021, its economic aggregate has nearly reached 474.806 billion yuan, which has nearly surpassed Guiyang’s 471.104 billion yuan and Lanzhou’s 323.1 billion yuan.Many friends may ask why Kunshan, a city with a population of just over 2 million, can achieve such a high economic performance.In fact, those who are familiar with Kunshan should know that the industrial system here is very developed. As early as 2020, its gross industrial value has exceeded 900 billion mark, among which communication equipment and computers are its main productive forces. You should know that these are the direction of social development.In addition, Kunshan is also a well-known county and city with green development. Every year, many green agricultural and sideline products are produced within the territory and sold to the whole country, which also makes the economy of the realm get diversified development. Therefore, kunshan’s economy is definitely not a vain reputation.Besides, Kunshan’s development in tourism is also quite amazing. Zhouzhuang, Yangcheng Lake, Jinxi, Qiandeng, Tinglin Garden, etc., are all very famous tourist attractions, which attract a large number of tourists to visit kunshan every year.At present, Kunshan is still only a county-level city, but xiaobian believes that if the development rate continues, it will not be long before Kunshan can become an independent urban area, which will not only drive the economic development of surrounding areas, but also drive the province to a higher level.Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any other views on Kunshan?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Another niche tourist attraction in Hubei, with its picturesque scenery and more than 4,000 ginkgo trees, has become a popular tourist destination because of its size, often mistaken for a province by foreigners