The mother of the 90 generation picked up her 4-year-old daughter from school, and her daughter was teased by male classmates: your mother’s skirt is really short

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Parents for children, is the first “teacher” of life, parents in addition to teach children a lot of truth, usually also should pay attention to their words and deeds, including their own dress, especially take their children to some public places, parents if not inappropriately dressed, may cause some problems for children.Xiao Fan is born in the 1990s. She is very beautiful and has a good figure. Although her daughter is already 4 years old, she doesn’t seem to have given birth to a baby, just like an unmarried girl.Xiao Fan’s biggest interest is dressing up, and she feels happy when she hears others praise her beauty.One day, Xiao Fan is in a good mood, put on a very beautiful makeup, and put on a miniskirt, the upper body wearing a tight T-shirt, looks beautiful and sexy.Xiao Fan drove to pick up her daughter from school, but when she saw her, she didn’t seem too happy.When pressed by Fan, the daughter said, “Mom, can you pick me up in future without wearing such short skirts?”When Xiao Fan heard this, he felt puzzled. He was dressed very beautifully and his daughter should be happy. Why did he say so suddenly?The daughter continued, “The last time you picked me up in that dress, the next day some boys made fun of me, saying your skirt was too short.”Xiao Fan was surprised to hear what her daughter said, but she did not expect that her dress was causing trouble for her daughter.Xiao Fan immediately began to comfort her daughter and said that he would not wear such clothes to pick her up in the future.In fact, it is quite normal for children to have different aesthetic standards from adults. What adults like to wear does not mean that children also like it. If parents always wear revealing clothes to children’s school, it will cause some influence on children.1, it is no problem for parents to dress up themselves, but to dress properly in front of children, because children have a strong ability to imitate, if parents always wear exposed clothes, will let children think that such clothes are normal, will let children form a wrong view of beauty.2, affect the physical and mental health of children if parents wear too revealing clothes in the children’s school, children are likely to be made fun of by classmates, over time, children will become inferior, unwilling to communicate with classmates, and even conflict with classmates, affecting the physical and mental health of children.What should parents pay attention to when dressing?1, don’t too revealing clothes special fashion, many young parents in order to show their good figure, wear low bosom, miniskirt that kind of clothing, dress like that will be a problem at ordinary times, but if go to the child’s school, had better not wear that dress, because this dress is very easy to let children become the object of the classmates made fun of.2, the style is not too fancy some parents pursue personality, will wear some more fancy clothes, although such clothes are very fashionable, but it is not suitable for children in the campus.Parents wearing different types of clothes will become the focus of attention, giving a person a sense of unsteadiness, may also let the child become the object of discussion.3, Clothes should be neat Whether it is designer clothes or ordinary clothes, parents should wash and iron before wearing, because doing so will leave a good impression on the children’s classmates and teachers, when others praise their parents in front of the children, the children will be happy.Finally, I would like to say that it does not matter how to wear at ordinary times, but when going to the children’s school, parents should pay more attention to dress in the dress do not follow one’s inclinations, do not because of their own reasons, and bring a lot of trouble and trouble to the children.