“China’s good neighbor” online jilin COVID-19 patients praise Xing ‘an League: Pay attention!

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The picture shows the medical team of Xingan League in Jilin refueling each other before entering the cabin.”China’s good Neighbor” launched online by Xingunita Health CommissionChinanews.com xingUNITA April 8″China’s good neighbor” launched in Jilin, COVID-19 patients praised Xingan Unita: Dainty!Chinanews.com reporter Zhang Wei “thank you for coming to Jilin to support…”Recently, Xingunita rushed to jilin medical team received a letter of thanks from all the patients who took over the ward. Although they were not familiar with each other, they were “friends of life and death”.From 00:00 to 24:00 on April 7, jilin province reported 617 new locally confirmed cases and 1,649 asymptomatic cases.A total of 1,439 new confirmed cases were recovered and discharged from hospital, and 1,158 asymptomatic cases were released from isolation and placed under medical observation.After the outbreak of COVID-19 in Jilin Province, Inner Mongolia sent medical teams from Hohhot, Xingunita, Hulunbuir, Tongliao, Chifeng and other Union cities to assist Jilin. As a neighbor, Xingunita sent 88 medical workers to Jilin.The picture shows the medical team of Xingan League in Jilin comparing hearts with patients in makeshift hospital.On March 16, the medical team of Xingunita League took over the ward on the fourth floor of the Fourth Makeshift Hospital in Jilin City. As of April 7, a total of 1,171 patients had been treated and 638 patients had been cured and discharged, with a discharge rate of more than 50%.After taking over the ward, the medical team of Xingunita Unita carried out meticulous management and medical treatment for patients with high risk and hidden dangers, patients with chronic diseases, the elderly and children.”You treat the elderly with respect, care and consideration, actively allocate medicine and pay close attention to their health conditions,” the patient said in the letter.Pay special attention to the diet of diabetics;We take good care of our children, set up ‘study rooms’ for online students, everything…”When she first arrived at the front line, Zhang Mengmeng, a medical team member, was assigned to the induction control group, responsible for the supervision and guidance of all personnel in the contaminated area and clean area to wear and take off protection, and the prevention and control of hospital infection. The induction control education of patients is also an important part of her work.The picture shows doctors from the sense control group of xingan Unita medical team teaching prevention and control knowledge to young patients.When the Health Commission of Hinggan League provided the plan, Zhang mengmeng carefully inspected the whole ward every day. “The patients are all in good condition, and it is very pleasant to communicate with them.We often tell jokes and make jokes. We are all optimistic and confident about winning the battle against the epidemic.””Sometimes when we are busy, the female patients help us with cleaning, while the male patients pick up food, deliver food, carry water and transfer garbage.”Zhang didn’t seem tired. “If it weren’t for the protective suits, we would look more like old friends who have worked together for a long time,” she said.The medical team also arrived in Jilin with 2 million yuan of medical supplies donated by Xingunita.Out of people to pay and contribute, patients always because of this small details to the medical team thumbs up: “we this neighbor, pay attention to!”The picture shows hinggan Unita rushing to assist the medical team in Jilin.Hinggan League Health commission medical team members secretly determined to let “neighbors” in the makeshift hospital experience the warmth of home, let everyone feel the care of relatives.As of 24:00 On April 6, the number of people discharged from hospital or released from quarantine for medical observation in Jilin city for six consecutive days exceeded the number of new cases, and the number of newly infected patients showed a significant downward trend. The final charge of social elimination is being launched.After 24 days of hard fighting, The medical treatment work of Xingunita medical team in Jilin has also entered a critical sprint stage.In recent days, the medical team adjusted the treatment plan in real time, and separated the patients who were about to be cured and the newly admitted patients in different wards to prevent cross-infection.Medical team members said that the best feedback for patients is to fight the epidemic together with jilin people!(after)