Essay: Envy village people

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In the village, during the Spring Festival, some people came back. Some came back with their sons and daughters-in-law. Some came back with their daughters and husbands.They are scattered everywhere, on every street, in every profession.They are people who depend on their craft, skill, and strength for a living, outside of my profession.They come back, bring vitality to the village, with the figure of youth, with the laughter of children.At night, fireworks, firecrackers, to the dead village, add atmosphere.When they come back, they drive a luxury car, smoke a good cigarette, wear a famous brand, and have a great atmosphere and style.They come back, they let loose and drink and drink and play cards.Wine table, they hearty smile, let go of the amount of wine to drink, I do not know, their amount of wine, how so big, one-time cup to drink, a cup is a cup, scared me tremble.It was the same at the card table, winning and losing were equally cheerful.They give the village of the year, brought atmosphere, as if in the village of the year.As the year draws to a close, they leave, going back to the same place, or somewhere else.Stay in your old job, or get a new one.Anyway, they have the strength, the technology, the skills, wherever they go, they can make money and survive.The living environment is fresh, the people and things in the face are fresh, life is like flowing scenery.Such a life, perhaps to experience wind and rain, but so colorful, meaningful.The people who stay behind in the villages, their children go back to school.His lordship would level the fields, gather up the dead branches and leaves, and set fire to them.Then, looking for cattle ploughing, leveling the land.Prepare fertilizer, seed, prepare spring ploughing, spring sowing.First potatoes, then corn, then soybeans.Also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.The day is in the village, neither hurry nor slow.No one to watch, no one to spy, no one to regulate, to blend in with nature, free.In the village, except for me, it was the son-in-law of a relative who did the same thing as me.Although we’re doing our best to set the mood.However, in the face of the village, those who come back, we are so small, humble.After the end of the year, we also have to face our work, just like birds into the cage, although food and clothing, but lost their freedom, every day to face the same people and things, stay in the same small courtyard under the high wall, repeat the day, the content of life, is so pale.Think of this, in the heart, despair, fear, but helpless, is about to know destiny, and then hard to break free.My heart, how envy village people.Envy those who come back, envy their skills, crafts, strength, their colorful life.Envy the people left behind in the village, the day as leisure, leisurely, into the nature, physical and mental freedom.I found that there was no other way out but empty envy.I have been kept in a cage for so long that I can do nothing but learn a few words and teach. I have lost the ability to survive independently.There’s no strength, no skill, no skill left to hunt.Sometimes, can not distinguish grain, season, also can not plant the land.Many times, there are thousands of ideas, pride, fall on the ground of reality, in order to survive, for five meters, and learn to reality, life bow, bow.To be fed, to be destroyed.Finally, except for the dream, is a withered body.