Eating melon seeds for Chinese New Year means drinking oil?Can melon seeds eat after all?2 kinds of melon seeds really want to eat less

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Many people like to get high on melon seeds, no matter when they are watching TV, chatting, or checking their cell phones.Melon seeds should be the most common nut in life.These include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds.Melon seeds contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, after entering the human body, can generate brain nerve important substances, but many people say that excessive consumption of melon seeds is equal to drinking oil, it is easy to eat yourself into a fat, is this true?Is eating melon seeds equivalent to drinking oil?Can melon seeds eat after all?The reason why there is such a saying is that it is easy to get fat if you eat more melon seeds, and eating a lot of melon seeds every day will inevitably affect your health.A large number of studies have found that the calories and fat content of melon seeds are more, so a large amount of long-term intake will inevitably increase the risk of obesity, if eating melon seeds for a long time is like drinking oil, this statement is indeed a bit exaggerated.Sunflower seeds also contain unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote cardiovascular health. Although sunflower seeds are indeed easy to take in too many calories, as long as the amount is well controlled.These two kinds of melon seeds to eat less as far as possible at the same time, melon seeds, we all know coat reminiscent of the mould have different tastes, so the price also is different, some people covet is cheap, and some people attaches great importance to the quality of melon seeds with low price comparison, there might be gone mouldy, can have a bitter taste, and even some sand inside.In the face of this situation, may be in the processing, melon seeds have been broken before processing, generally there are a lot of aflatoxin, relatively harmful to the body, easy to cause cancer.So for the sake of their own body, better pay more attention to.Caramelized melon seeds many people like to eat sweets, even usually buy melon seeds also like to eat sweet, now the melon seeds taste more, caramelized melon seeds is occupied a large part of the market, such seeds can stimulate the human body’s taste, so the price is slightly more expensive.At that time, if you eat too many caramel melon seeds, you will feel no appetite, and your stomach will feel bloated, and even sometimes there will be vomiting, mainly because some food additives are added in the process of processing. Although the amount is not much, it will affect your stomach and dryness, so it is not recommended to eat them.02 Which melon seeds are not recommended to buy?Colorful seeds when you go to the market to buy seeds, you will find that there is a colorful seeds, although it looks more attractive, eat also want to fill, but there are some additives inside.Many businesses in order to meet the needs of consumers, let these seeds have colorful colors, especially for children, but there are some essence inside, covering up some poor quality seeds, posing a threat to health.Seeds have cream flavor tastes heavy melon seeds, and five fragrance, green tea, though taste more delicious, but the taste is heavy, so don’t suggest that we buy mostly inside contain a lot of flavor, citric acid, sweet, salt, the harm to the body is very big, long-term consumption easy to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension.When buying melon seeds at ordinary times, we must choose some regular shopping malls to buy, do not buy some bulk on some stalls, so as not to exist the problem of excessive bacteria.Warm tips when eating melon seeds must remember to drink more water, after all, melon seeds contain a lot of fat, decomposition in the body also need a lot of water, and usually eat too many melon seeds, easy to cause dry mouth, drink more water to better avoid fire.Be healthy in the Year of the Tiger