Live party music taste

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By the bank of cao e river and under meiwu Ridge, a rural variety show is being staged in the cultural auditorium of Meiwu Village, Shangpu Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province.A mobile phone camera was installed in front of the stage. As it turned out, the party was being broadcast live on a video platform, and the audience was interacting with each other in the comments section.Zheng Lizhong, director of the Meiwu Village Sages Association, said: “It has been a tradition of our village for many years to hold a variety show during the Spring Festival to enrich villagers’ cultural life.This year, we moved the party into the live broadcast room so villagers can watch it online and fully experience the taste of the New Year.”On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, someone proposed to hold a party through live broadcast, and everyone agreed to it.”We will coordinate the equipment and the industrial park will provide free guidance,” promised Du Jiasu, a member of the town’s Party Committee.Technical problem solved. What about the show?In recent years, the village has set up brass band, waist drum team, square dance team and so on, and its literary and artistic strength is growing.”As soon as I heard there would be a party, everyone signed up for it. There were more than 30 programs.”Zheng Lizhong said.Zheng lizhong also visited more than 300 houses in the village and collected many good ideas for the party.In the end, the party adopted 12 programs, including poetry recitation and children’s singing and dancing on the basis of traditional programs such as Yue Opera singing and lotus flower falling in previous years.Finally arrived the official performance day at 7 o ‘clock in the evening, the party in meiwu village song “green mountains good place” in the opening.Fang Guijuan, a chorus member, had just finished her performance when she received a wechat message from her son, “Saying that she saw me singing in the studio and gave me a thumbs-up!””Fang guijuan said.People’s Daily (February 12, 2022 edition 01)