Live preview!Dezhou Federation of Trade Unions held the first “retired military personnel” network broadcast job fair

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The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) will launch a series of activities on employment and entrepreneurship services in 2022 nationwide in late February.The launch ceremony was held in Jinan on February 22, and the online job fair “Employment, Entrepreneurship, Xingye Qilu” was launched simultaneously.During the launching ceremony, 5 activities of “Live broadcast with guard” will be organized simultaneously.”Live post” activity by jinan city federation of trade unions and Qingdao, yantai, weifang, taian, Texas city federation of trade unions and other common open five online studio and synchronization in online video live way to carry out the model with duty, the new enterprise recruitment, employment form workers mentors duty, veterans recruitment and the graduates employment promotion activities.Dezhou Federation of Trade Unions undertook the task of leading posts for online live broadcast of retired soldiers.In order to successfully complete the task of “employment and entrepreneurship · Industrial Qilu” online recruitment activities of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, at the same time to better promote the retired military groups to achieve higher quality and more full employment, the party and the state care for retired military policies into effect, improve the retired military sense of gain, happiness.Dezhou Federation of Trade Unions, Dezhou Veterans Affairs Bureau decided to hold the first online live broadcast job fair for veterans, to “send jobs” for retired soldiers, tell the policy, continue to provide “zero contact, less running” employment services for the vast number of retired soldiers, to realize the employment recruitment of retired soldiers non-stop, employment service line.This online live broadcast job fair is sponsored by Dezhou Federation of Trade Unions, Dezhou Veterans Affairs Bureau, and hosted by Dezhou Radio and TELEVISION Station. With the theme of “Trade union live broadcast to send posts, warm feelings for ex-servicemen”, it focuses on serving ex-servicemen who are willing to seek jobs.This online live broadcast job fair invited 5 outstanding enterprises to send jobs for you live, and invited the staff of the Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau to introduce relevant policies online, and many enterprises to participate in online recruitment and attract talents.If you are also worried about finding a job, if you also want to know about the job information of enterprises, might as well pay attention to our direct broadcast, job hunting, all in the direct broadcast.Live time: February 22, 2022 (Tuesday)10:40-11:30 live location: Dezhou Radio and TELEVISION Station Participation method Don’t let the opportunity pass Labor union at your service. Scan the following QR code to apply for jobs. Attach the job list