The “scam” on the mobile phone, most people have been “fooled”!Have you ever been “quietly” docked?

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In the current era of mobile Internet, mobile phones, as the most common terminal tool, have become an important organizational tool in People’s Daily life.According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has a large number of mobile phone users, with each person owning more than one mobile phone.In terms of mobile phone coverage, it has surpassed the world average.As we all know, the function of smart phone is no longer simple call, send text messages.Now we can watch movies, go shopping, order take-out food and so on on our phones.Mobile phones can even replace TV, computer, camera and so on in some respects.With a mobile phone, you can also take a taxi or a bus through a mobile APP.No need to carry cash, scan the code to complete all kinds of consumption.In this Internet age, almost no one can live without it.At the same time, mobile phones also bring us some hidden dangers.With all the features of our phones, we are spending more and more time in front of electronic screens.The fragmented information on mobile phones has greatly reduced our ability to process information, making it increasingly difficult to concentrate and gradually degrading our abilities.But there is no denying that smart phones have promoted the development of many industries, such as the development of mobile apps.All kinds of software can be installed and used on mobile phones, bringing convenience to people’s life.However, people often ignore the disadvantages brought by this tool while being convenient.In particular, various scams on mobile phones deceive many people.In this era when everyone is inseparable from mobile phones, more and more mobile phone apps have come out, and the so-called membership system has also been launched.Spending money to buy services has long been the consensus of people, in front of excellent works, people are willing to pay for it.However, in this process, there are many “tricks”.As we all know, many apps are free, but you have to pay for certain functions.Membership is often required for those who need it.In order to attract consumers, or bring benefits to consumers, many mobile apps offer so-called “three-day free trial” or “first-month price discounts.”The service charge used to be 25 yuan per month, but the price is reduced to 9.9 yuan.Many people are naturally willing to participate in such offers, but do not think it is the beginning of another “trap”.In a previous news report, a citizen suffered an automatic charge on his mobile phone.It is reported that citizens have opted for a three-day free membership trial when using the paid APP.After a three-day free trial, the citizen discovered that the app had deducted his membership fee for a year.And it was automatically billed at night, without any obvious warning.If it were not for the fact that some netizens inadvertently found themselves automatically renewing their membership fees for several months without their knowledge, “innocently” being charged hundreds of yuan for membership fees, there could be many more netizens who were kept in the dark.Such automatic renewals could logically be eliminated, avoiding unnecessary property damage.But in practice, cancellation is not easy!Many victims reported that many apps don’t support canceling automatic renewals or even find an option to do so.From the discovery of automatic deduction fee to the final termination of renewal, someone deduction fee for 10 months, a total of more than 400 dollars!The function of automatic renewal for customers often appears in many apps, even some of the most familiar apps, such as Momo and Tantan.The same is a free trial of the “routine” to deceive consumers.Either there is no prompt, or there is an infinitesimally small “automatic renewal” check box, which really counts as a scam.With the emergence of more and more application software, people tend to uninstall some service software without using it for a long time.For many users, a one-month membership is enough to meet their current needs.When the membership expires, many simply uninstall the software.Nowadays, the “chaos” of automatic deduction fee can be said to be very common, damaging the interests of a lot of people.Therefore, some of the interests of the injured users to mobile phone developers to report these software malicious charges.Although the platform has given corresponding feedback and processing, many apps with automatic deduction have not been removed so far.China Consumer News once called Apple to inquire about the alleged misuse of fees for some apps on Apple’s own APPStore, but Apple refused to answer in vague terms.Shouldn’t mobile developers be able to protect the rights and interests of mobile users by immediately removing apps that charge fees at will?This makes people feel that there seems to be a platform behind the “rampant” of these apps.To this, our country law society consumer rights and interests protection research society experts also said that this kind of scam is drilling loopholes in our country’s law.China’s relevant departments should improve the relevant laws as soon as possible, and clearly include such acts into China’s laws, in order to safeguard China’s normal market order and the rights and interests of Chinese consumers.At present, there are many forms of fraud in our country.For example, recently, many consumers were secretly deducted fees by micro-loan software;There are also apps downloaded from informal platforms that disguise themselves as financial apps and secretly withhold money, and many people have “lost money” as a result.Rather than asking consumers to pay more attention when topping up their membership, these mobile apps should be more tightly regulated.Can we better protect our legitimate rights and interests by imposing more severe penalties on these “petty actions”?