What are the principles of display and protection of the Taizi City ruins in the core area of the Winter Olympics?

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Aerial photo of Taizi City Ruins taken by Yang Dongwu (Winter Olympics question “Ji”) What are the principles of display and preservation of the Taizi City ruins in the core area of the Winter Olympics?Shijiazhuang, February 14, China News NetworkTaizicheng site, located in the core area of The Beijing Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, is the first and only site of the Jin Dynasty palace confirmed by archaeological excavation. It has a history of more than 800 years.So, what principles did the exhibition and protection of Taizi City ruins follow?Archaeological Excavation plan of Taizicheng Archaeological Team “The archaeological and cultural relic protection work of Zhangjiakou Competition area is of great significance.In recent years, we have been promoting the protection and exhibition project of Taizi City ruins in an all-round way, displaying the latest archaeological achievements and the charm of Fine traditional Chinese culture to the world in the form of an archaeological park.”Hebei provincial bureau of Cultural Heritage director Zhang Cubic previously told the media.The first principle is “overall protection” — to truly and completely protect the immovable cultural relics and movable cultural relics of Taizi City site, protect the overall pattern of the site surrounded by mountains and rivers, and maintain the broad vision and spatial characteristics.On this basis, the site itself and the surrounding historical environment are fully displayed, and the comprehensive value of history, art and science of the site is completely revealed and spread.Prince city ruins unearthed “bureau is” white glazed bowl Prince city site team for figure “as the only indoor display in archaeological site park, west protection facilities for internal pattern will show double walls, ‘is food bureau of cultural relics unearthed, prince city site archaeological argumentation, etc., can also be carried out is food etiquette experience, and other activities of the body check.”Tsinghua University Architectural Design research Institute cultural heritage protection center deputy director Cui Guanghai previously told the media.”Four Seasons Na Bo” and “Winter Olympics Taihe” are two prominent themes in the design language of the site park.In addition, the museum will use multidisciplinary innovative technologies to combine on-site excavation and conservation with high-tech virtual exhibition, providing fresh materials for telling China’s stories.As Zhang Lifang before media interview said, they will make full use of archaeological achievements and historical research, the prince city site construction become the first-class national archaeological site park and the games with Chinese culture square, make prince city archaeological site park in the history of the Olympic venues construction combined with the protection of cultural relics of the new model,To demonstrate to the world the long standing, extensive and profound Chinese civilization.(Hao Ye)