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The costumes used by opera performers are commonly known as “costumes”.Song and Yuan Dynasties, it has formed a certain system.Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the opera costumes based on the Official uniforms of the Ming Dynasty have become more and more complete, including eight major categories: python, pei, skirt, plait, garment, cloak, helmet, boots and shoes. They also have their own norms in style, pattern, color and so on.Traditional opera costumes use red, green, white, black and yellow to show the level of characters, commonly known as the “upper five colors”;After evolving again deep blue, lake color, pink, bronze, purple, it is called “the next five colors”.The colors of clothes worn by the characters are determined according to their status and personality. For example, the yellow python worn by the emperor symbolizes the supreme power and position, while the black python worn by Bao Gong represents the upright and upright character.In order to carry forward the opera culture and inherit the quintessence of Chinese culture, Pingliang Museum, together with Mr. Pu Huqin, a national first-class actor, collected more than 800 pieces (sets) of opera costumes from his father and his son’s painstaking collection throughout the country for ten years.Selected more than 80 pieces (sets) into the exhibition dedicated to the general audience.May the “five-color outfit” add gorgeous colors to your Spring Festival, and may you learn from the precious artistic treasures of opera the nutrient of cultural confidence!Blue dragon white python clear this is a front chest big dragon for the whole body blue wheels four claw standing dragon, the sleeves for the blue wheels four claw flying dragon, by colorful silk embroidery system blue dragon white bottom python robe.With the word longevity, auspicious clouds, flowers and other auspicious patterns.Yaw sea water river cliff and standing water.Meaning jiangshan eternal solid, Fushan Shouhai, peaceful country and people.