A Handsome Turkish man has traveled to 25 countries and put famous views of more than 60 cities on disposable paper cups

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Creative box touchboxID: TouchBoxNini, “traveling around the world” is the ideal and ultimate goal of many people. They can expand their knowledge or relax themselves by traveling, so that people’s life will become richer and richer. Artists are especially fond of traveling around the world.Berk Armagan, a very cool and handsome artist from Turkey, has been traveling around the world since 2016. So far, he has been to more than 60 cities in 25 countries. He has drawn what he sees and feels on paper cups to record the places he has visited.And share it with more people around the world and make people not only love art,They yearn for the places they paint, no matter the iconic landscapes of major tourist citiesOr we are familiar with portraits of the characters or the world classic advertising created again as long as Berk can gain inspiration from these people, objects, scene with paintbrush he will quickly recorded on paper cups to leave myself in this way in the world there are signs of Berk at first just like to travel in one day in October 2016,As he was drinking coffee, he suddenly thought, “Why not draw on the coffee cup?” Although he didn’t have any professional art training at that time, because of this passion, he began to teach himself how to draw. From simple patterns, he has been able to reconstruct buildings in great detail for nearly six years. Now,His creative and painting skills and collaborations with Starbucks, Tik Tok, Ford Turkey and others helped him become a world-renowned paper cup artist because he painted on paper cups,It brought him a certain amount of publicity and made him more attractive to advertisers and now he not only gets more travel money so that he can continue to travel to different countries to satisfy his hobby but also uses the money he earns to help stray cats, stray dogs and so on to give them food and homes,He was very happy and satisfied to do more public welfare to give back to the society. He completed the magnificent transformation of his life with art. This handsome boy born in the 1990s graduated from Istanbul University and dreamed of traveling around the world since childhood.Exploring the edge of the world to experience the cultural customs and landscapes of different countries. However, traveling requires a lot of money. At first, he could not even meet the travel expenses of surrounding cities.He did not want to earn enough money before he set out, so he thought of a way to make money while traveling and painting. “You can’t become a painter and then paint, and you can’t make enough money before you travel. Don’t let the scenery wait for you.”Although there is no learning through professional painting But because of its unique design and artistic let him quickly in social network fire up more and more companies and individuals begin to look for him In addition to the above said to the olive branch received well-known enterprises There are a lot of the city’s travel agencies, national star, etc Have also invited him to help paint an invitation as well as various types of advertising and propagandaThere are more and more people are willing to pay high price to buy these unique painting these cups are supporting the Berk enable him to have enough money to continue to complete her world tour of China’s giant panda, the Dutch street scenery, and so on are famous in the great cities of the church became the subject of writing his paper cups as if let people follow him to travel around the world in addition to cultural landscape,The ordinary people in the city were also Berk’s favorite subjects paper cups were his canvas and a bridge between him and the rest of the world. Sometimes, drinking coffee on the side of the road and seeing people coming and going, he would give his painted portraits to their owners to convey the warmth and surprise. Small paper cups,The Turkish boy told us from his own experience that there is nothing impossible as long as you dare to think and do even if you encounter many difficulties,However, as long as he does not give up, he will eventually achieve his goal because of his persistence and efforts. In this way, he has realized his dream of traveling around the world with paper cup art. We often say that art comes from life and is higher than lifeAlso let his artistic creation more clever and lively people like about him was revealed in the drawing of love and passion like this dream to brave pursuit and persistence heart don’t let the landscape has been waiting for you like you brave to pursue don’t wait for all to prepare enough before the road only when you first walk on the road, road flyover to slowly find solution only this life,Don’t let yourself miss out on the best time because you’re hesitating, waiting, or even wasting your life to pursue your dreams like this Turkish artist.