Among the seven giants of ancient mythology, Chiyou barely made it onto the list

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In the “history book linghenge” before the article, there are a lot of articles on the subject of prehistoric animals, such as the ancient ten divine birds, the ancient ten dragon, the ancient ten serpents.Readers who are interested in ancient myths can click on it and browse by themselves. I won’t let you down.Today, “history book Lingxuan Pavilion” with this article to talk about the ancient myth of the seven giants.In ancient myths around the world, there are myths about giants.In ancient Greek mythology, there are 100-armed giant, Titan and Cyclops, in Ancient Roman mythology, there are five giant brothers, and in Northern European mythology, there is a group of giants headed by Emir.What giants are there in our ancient myths?1: Pangu god of creation pangu, he is the highest status of a giant in ancient mythology, is also the largest giant in ancient mythology.How tall was Pangu?The author gives you a detailed calculation today.In the ancient book “Three five Calendar”, it is recorded as follows: “Pangu had nine changes in one day. God lived in heaven and was holy on earth.The sky grew ten feet higher, the earth ten feet thicker, and Pangu ten feet longer.Such as eight thousand years, extremely high days, extremely deep earth, pangu extremely long.”Pangu grew ten feet taller every day for eighteen thousand years.When we calculate, we assume that Pangu grew from zero height, and the initial height of that point can be ignored, 1*365*18000= 6.57 million feet.How many meters was a zhang equal to in ancient times?Different dynasties had different lengths. According to the standard of han Dynasty, one zhang is about 2.4 meters.Pangu was about 15.8 million meters tall.What is 15.8 million meters?The diameter of the earth is 12.74 million meters.According to ancient mythology, the giant Pangu was taller than the earth.In ancient mythology, the size of the giant Pangu is unmatched, even by prehistoric beasts like candelong and Kunpeng.Under Pangu, the biggest giant was Pu Fu and his wife.Pu Fu and his wife were a couple of giants. It is recorded as follows in the ancient mythological classic Of Mountains and Seas: “Pu Fu yan lived in the vast wilderness in the southeast corner.The couple and high thousand li, abdominal circumference 100 auxiliary.At the beginning of the day, he and his wife guided hundreds of rivers. He was so lazy that he and his wife stood side by side in the southeast, not afraid of cold and heat, neither drinking nor eating.”In the book of Mountains and Seas, a mythological classic, park and his wife are depicted as being forced to stand.They were two giants of immense strength who had been summoned by the gods to channel the river.However, park and his wife found the job boring and tiring, so they took a break.This slackness irritated the God, who made them both stand as punishment, in all weathers and in all weathers, and forbid them to eat.How tall were Mr. And Mrs. Park?They two “and high, belly circumference 100 fu”, 100 fu is also a thousand li.Pu fu and his wife were as tall as a candle dragon, one thousand li.In addition to Pangu and piao Fu, other giants in ancient mythology are not outrageously tall.Kuafu, he is probably the most famous giant.In the ancient book Of Mountains and Seas, Kuafu is not a positive image, but a warrior under Chiyou.However, kuafu agreed to help Chiyou fight against the Yellow Emperor regulus for a very simple reason. At that time, Chiyou had just been defeated by the Yellow Emperor, and Kuafu thought that he should help the weak.Kuafu led his clansmen to fight for Chiyou in the East and west.But in the end kuafu died in the hands of the yellow Emperor’s general should dragon.”The Book of Mountains and Seas” recorded as follows: “Ying Long has killed Chiyou, and killed Kuafu, but went to the south, so the south is rainy.Should dragon is the ancient dragon god, should dragon’s war is not kuafu can be compared.Should the dragon kill Chiyou consumed a lot of magic, to should the dragon one less half of the magic, he and kuafu after a big war, finally killed the giant kuafu.In many ancient books, there are records of the giant Lombard.In the Book of Mountains and Seas, it is recorded as follows: “Longbo was thirty zhang long and died at the age of eight thousand.”The giant Lombard was thirty feet tall, which translated to about eighty meters.There is no record of kuafu’s height in ancient mythology. The author estimates that kuafu’s height should be about the same as Longbo’s.In fact, The original height of Longbo more than 30 zhang, because he made a mistake by the god changed a lot of shorter.Long Bo started out like Pu Fu. He lived near the sea and hunted whales for food.One day when Lombo was fishing, he caught five giant tortoises.Lombo thought it would be nice to have a change, so he took the turtle home to stew.In fact, these five giant turtles are burdened with dai Yu, member qiao, square pot, Ying Zhou, Penglai and other five immortal mountains of the spirit turtle.Without the turtle’s back, five fairy mountains float about on the sea.With great difficulty, the god of Heaven fixed the five fairy mountains. In anger, the god reduced Longbo’s height to thirty feet.Generally speaking, the giant spirit comes from Journey to the West.But as early as in the Han Dynasty, there was a legend of giant spirits among the people.Han Dynasty “mountain map” wrote: “There are giant ling Hu, all the way to kun Yuan, can build mountains and rivers, rivers.”But we are familiar with the giant spirit of god, or from journey to the West.The Giant spirit god is a giant in Journey to the West. As the god of heaven, the giant spirit God will fight against Sun Wukong when sun Wukong causes havoc in heaven.Giant spirit although the body is huge, in the hands of a pair of xuan hua plate axe also weighs a thousand jins, but giant spirit is a typical “paper tiger”.Juling god looks tall and powerful, but he is no match for Sun Wukong.When the giant spirit god fights the Monkey King alone, the Monkey King can hit him with a stick and make him numb.The original description of Journey to the West is as follows: “When a stick is lifted, it is like a dragon splashing in water, while when an axe comes, it is like a phoenix wearing flowers.The great sage gently swung the iron rod, and when he hit his head, he was covered with numbness.”In ancient mythology, Chiyou was the enemy of the Yellow Emperor regulus.The tribes of Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor united and finally defeated Chiyou’s Jiuli tribe.Although Chiyou is a villain, but his fighting will and fighting power are very strong.Ten yellow emperors can’t beat one Chiyou in a single fight.Chiyou was finally killed by the yellow Emperor’s general Ying Long, but ying Long was not easy to kill Chiyou, he spent a lot of magical power, resulting in Ying Long ultimately unable to fly to heaven.In ancient mythology, Chiyou was a tall giant with steel and iron bones.According to legend, Chiyou “long five zhangs, human cattle hooves, four eyes six hands, ear temples such as sword and halberd, head horn, eat iron and stone.Five zhang, that’s about ten meters.This height in the ancient myth, Chiyou can only be regarded as a small giant, so Chiyou barely listed.The giant Kuafu and the giant Chiyou, both of whom fought against the ancient dragon god Ying Long.