Wen Zhengming | spring into the celebration

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This work of Wen Zhengming, written by Huang Tingjian, because it is poor, can not determine the specific year.But there is no doubt that his early works, because of huang Tingjian, for its accumulation period.Article prove ultimately feel huang tingjian “big release” is not the number of strokes and itself, but the clever YiRang implication and qi, understand this, Venn eventually pay attention to adjust the pen, the brushwork enrichment, pay more attention to silver shadow and pen, huang tingjian pike spurge become continous effort late acerbity, mature age, statutes exactly and investigated and vivid.The beginning of spring into the palace of king He thousands of officials worship royal diadem, purple jing Zhao in front.Four chengde early linmu, the first day cold has sent cattle.Gas to canglong when the law drive, the wind hui Ming ordinary Chen Swim.The holy king and ling si line of celebration, the second grace under Kyushu.Waiting for dajie from the southern suburbs of the Lord back to luan Su Bailing, ziyun group cover wing cang jing.Car sword lu stars li, first drive flag often sun and moon Ming.Ten miles of spring breeze alarm in the World, Wan Fang and xie Shao 韺.Baitou Xin zhao Yuansheng, wish to continue thinking wen Song peace.New Year’s day to congratulate fairy dionysian harmony luan, heaven spring back to white jade column.Sunrise chicken xu sing MAO, snow elimination wind bo for cold.Wanfang jade and silk see wang will, a year old yi wen heavy shoe end.Full day shengping shall not, whitehead ashamed straight gold luan.There is a sense of heaven tower white jade hall, white head to secretary Lang.Retreat toward each side of the flower branch into, straight remote smell long leak.Bell rope xiao idle green quiet, chaste purple mud fragrance.Savages do not know Yingzhou music, clear dream is still in hometown.END — Copyright notice — Copyright belongs to the originator, and does not mean that the website agrees with their views or is responsible for their authenticity.If related to the content of the work, copyright and other problems, please contact this network, we will delete the content in the first time!Original content if you need to reprint please contact us.Editor editor 丨 norain | Liao Weifu