When the housing market is at its most dangerous, it is time for banks to make concessions

2022-05-11 0 By

The property market has been rising in shock over the years, and now the high price has turned most people away, and the risk of the property market is further brewing.The risks of the current property market are mainly reflected in two aspects. First, most people can’t afford to buy their own houses, and no matter how much stimulus they make, it doesn’t work because people’s purchasing power is really not matched with the high prices.The trading volume of the whole market is very low, and developers have gone to the brink of bankruptcy, which will be the end of many developers.Secondly, the living conditions of the owners who have bought houses are getting worse and worse. In the context of the economic environment continuing to slump, people’s income level has decreased sharply.The number of people who bought a house in the last three years is basically the highest. The monthly mortgage payment is a relatively large number. If the economic environment continues to be depressed, a large number of mortgage cuts are likely to occur.At its heart, the cause of the housing slump is simple: people are short of money.Only concessions from the banks will save the housing market.For those who do not own a house, interest-free loans should be provided to help them step into the threshold of buying a house. After buying a house, symbolic interest will be charged, so that people can buy a house as they wish.At the same time to reduce the house mortgage, reduce their monthly pressure to prevent a large area of broken things happen.With bank interest accounting for half of monthly mortgage payments, a reduction in monthly mortgage payments could greatly relieve people’s pressure and free up more money for consumption, further stimulating the economic recovery.Banks are not only financial institutions, but also responsible for social stability.The banks have made enough profits over the years that it is time to make concessions.