Which phones should I not buy?No one in the industry buys a third class phone, so don’t waste your money

2022-05-11 0 By

The smart phone industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has become increasingly inseparable from our lives.For most of our friends, mobile phones are an important and inseparable tool in our daily life.So a good phone is very important to us.But not every phone is worth buying, so keep your eyes open for the three phones listed below.The first point is well understood. The most important factors affecting the user experience of a mobile phone are the performance of the processor, the display quality of the screen, the battery life of the mobile phone, and the size of the memory.An excellent mobile phone must have excellent performance in terms of performance. No matter how top performance is, it is not necessary to use the top processor, the least is to ensure the normal use of the mobile phone. If the processor is too bad, it will become sluggish after a period of time.Similarly, the screen quality and battery life of a mobile phone are also crucial. Excellent screen display effects will bring us great visual enjoyment and touch sensitivity.Excellent battery life is also the premise to ensure that we have a good experience.Hardware online, software and mobile phone system optimization is not in place do not buy in addition to look at the mobile phone hardware, there is a point we can not ignore is mobile phone for software adaptation and its own system performance.Apple and Huawei have such an unshakable position in the high-end market, thanks to their iOS and Hongmeng systems.Other famous mobile phone brands, such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo, have also carried out in-depth optimization based on android system. Nowadays, mobile phone brand competition is not only about hardware strength, but also about software optimization and mobile phone system.That’s why smaller brands and, more recently, foldable phones haven’t been able to capture much of the market.If the price of the old model is not obvious, if it is not particularly excellent, do not buy it. I believe that many friends will sometimes choose to buy the old model, taking advantage of the release of the new model, to buy the old model after the price reduction.Xiaobian also bought the red Rice K40 last year, which performed very well. I hung up my iPhone 8P and recycled one thousand, and bought one for my parents by adding several hundred yuan. I have to say that this model is quite excellent.And here do not recommend to buy the model, refers to the price is not obvious, the hardware configuration is not quite good.Especially for digital products, the life is relatively short, the difference is not big, buy new do not buy old.It is suggested that when you buy a mobile phone, you should focus on the performance of the hardware configuration of the mobile phone, but also pay attention to the performance of the mobile phone software adaptation and mobile phone system, if one of them is not up to standard, do not buy it.There are friends who want to pick up the old flagship, do not blindly see the discount to buy the old model.