Zhao Xintong final knot against the Chinese golfers!PK Yan Bingtao 3-1, sword finger revenge, blunt the fourth crown

2022-05-11 0 By

The snooker Players’ Championship has been a shock this morning, ranking 16th in the season. Hawkins, the last player in the tournament, upset top seed Zhao Xintong 6-3 to reach the quarter-finals and will face another Chinese player Yan Bingtao in the quarter-finals.Hawkins, a three-time ranking champion who was runner-up to Robertson as a finalist at the Masters this year, has considerable strength and is expected to finish in the black.Hawkins, 42, is an English veteran who has won the Australian Open, PTC and World Grands Prix, but also had three major highlights: missing out on the 2013 World Championship final to O ‘Sullivan, reaching the masters final in 2016 and 2022, and scoring 147 at the 2019 British Championships.Hawkins is currently ranked 11th in the world and 16th this season, just 1,500 pounds more than Selby, narrowly edging out the world No. 1.First round against accuracy amazing Chinese rocket zhao children’s heart, Hawkins, play a calm and use of opponent mistakes “rule” advantage, 6 victory in five innings are all single pole winner, before 94, 91 points, 71 points, 63 and 50 points total score of 6-3 shock top seed, into the top 8 at the same time is also called the British brocade match semi-final 6-1 defeat the opponent’s revenge.Hawkins will next face Another Chinese player Yan Bingtao. In their last four meetings, Hawkins has a 3-1 lead, his only defeat coming in the Champions League this season.The upcoming round of eight, Hawkins sword revenge, will attack the ranking of the fourth crown.Compared with Zhao xintong, Yan bingtao’s grinding style is more difficult, and he has improved his scoring streak recently. Who can win this matchup depends on the improvisational play.