After three years of marriage, Lin Zhiling, 47, gave birth safely and the three of them held hands for a happy photo

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In 2008 and 2009, John Woo released two epic films, Red Cliff, which raked in 580 million yuan at the Chinese box office.Although the film is criticized by hardcore Fans of The Three Kingdoms, Lin Chi-ling’s role as Xiao Qiao is a highlight.At the age of 24, Lin was at the peak of her looks, stunning in costume.But she didn’t act much after she got married, so what happened to sister now?On January 31, 2022, Lin Zhiling posted a post on her social media platform to announce the good news that she had given birth safely.Lin was so happy that she called her child a little angel and thanked everyone. She also sent her New Year wishes.From her lines can be seen, Lin Zhiling sister appears very happy.Meanwhile, Lin also took a photo of her family holding hands.In this photo, Lin Chi-ling, her husband, Yoshihei Kurozawa, and their newborn baby are holding hands together in a happy mood.The baby is also their first child after three years of marriage, so the Lin Chi-ling family is also very happy.Lin Chi-ling and Kurosawa Ryohei got married in November 2019. Their wedding was a big occasion, and Lin chi-ling was crying with joy at the time.It is understood that they from acquaintance to marriage sufficient as long as 8 years time, later Lin Zhiling and black ze Liangping just very not easy to come together, this also makes her feel very happy with not easy.Yoshihei Kurosawa was born in 1981 and is a Japanese entertainer.He made his debut as a dancer in December 2004 and starred in the movie Boys over Tricks. He is a versatile Japanese actor.Lin Chi-ling, born in 1974, is a famous singer and actress.There was a seven-year gap between Lin and Hei, but they fell in love at first sight and later became very close, often openly showing their love for each other.On May 20, 2021, Lin wrote her own words to show her love.It was the second year of their marriage, and Lin chi-ling was full of confidence in her husband, Yoshihei Kurozawa, and said she was willing to go on bravely with him.Though the words seem mundane, the love in them springs from the page.On June 6, 2021, Lin chi-ling posted: “In an uneasy world, we have each other’s company. Thank you for every departure in our life. Happy two-year anniversary.”You can see that she is very precious to Kurosawa Ryohei.Their relationship is stable, unchanged by time or distance.In 2011, Lin also participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and performed magic, and also performed the song “Orchid Pavilion Preface” with Jay Chou.Also that year, Lin Chi-ling and Kurosawa Ryohei performed together in the stage play Red Cliff Love.The two fell in love and became lovers in 2018, which ended on June 6, 2019.As mentioned, Lin Chi-ling is a singer, actress, model and host.Lin Chi-ling has an attractive appearance and a slim figure. She is a goddess in both ancient and modern fashion.Just after she announced her marriage to Japanese actor Yoshihei Kurosawa, many Chinese fans were jealous and even opposed to her, which shows her popularity and influence.Lin chi-ling and Kurozawa Ryohei have been married for three years now, and they finally have a child of their own, which adds to their New Year’s joy.