Dr. Liu Yi said lung cancer (3399) hospitalization allowed to accompany several people?Do they all have to do nucleic acids?

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If the patients with pulmonary nodules or pulmonary space occupation need further diagnosis and treatment after hospitalization, the family members should arrange their own work and time and plan to accompany them.Some family members will ask, how many people are allowed to accompany the hospital now?Do all escorts have to take nucleic acid tests?Before the pandemic, there were no strict rules on the number of chaperones, some with one family member, some with two or even three.Since the beginning of COVID-19, only one person is allowed to accompany hospitalized patients in our department, and the same rule applies to other departments.The accompanying family members will also be required to take nucleic acid tests, as required by the patient, within a time limit of 48 hours before hospitalization.Some patients are nurses hired by their families to accompany them, of course, not the nurses of our department, but through various channels including the labor market.Now there is only one child at home. I am busy with work and cannot accompany him. I think it is understandable as a doctor.In the future, I think the medical escort market will have great potential, and it is likely to produce professional escorts. Do you agree with me?Picture description