Lithium plate to meet the limit tide!Three index collective low open high go, where is the main line of investment?

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Disk in the differentiation of strengthening again on Thursday, the gem intraday rise nearly 2%, drive the theme plates are pulling up, two cities stocks rose quantity is not much, but did not appear the phenomenon of money selling, this suggests that institutional money began to “cherish to raise”, once the market went up before selling chips I’m afraid I can’t pick it back.Brother Niu has always believed that this is a bottom of the trend, in front of the trend to follow, after the end of the trend on the line, both simple and crude and can feel at ease to make a lot of money.Riding a bull to see the bear found that the trend of infrastructure stocks ushered in differentiation, to Zhejiang Construction investment, Hangzhou Garden and other more than 10 shares rose again, successfully promoted the board, while the previous day strong Hua LAN Group, institute of research and other stocks fell sharply.From today to February, the infrastructure sector continues to be strong, and related infrastructure themes are also on the rise. There is an obvious linkage effect, which is an obvious main line direction at present.Another main line is the recovery of high prosperity track, became the theme of this week, last week heavy hammer hot topics have “blood”, which also gives investors gradually establish confidence.Under the current steady growth and the opening of the loose cycle, the advantage of the low-valuation plate will also ferment, and the subdivision plate will be favored by capital in turn.Three index collective low open, then red gem index was the first to pull litre, a-share stock market adjusted upward, resolutely not afraid periphery this spirit is worthy of praise, we can see how long, the two cities stocks down than up, less money fell back, theme sector, the medical waste treatment, environmental protection concepts such as control sand performance is stronger,Tourism, hotel catering, media entertainment and other plate performance is poor.In the third national census soil environmental opening stronger entrepreneurial BanShi park to test the 2 boards, construction repair, net, etc have been led by science and technology, news, issue a notice to implementation of the third national soil survey, census object for the cultivated land, garden land, forest land, grass land and part of unused land soil,The contents of the survey are soil character, type, site condition and utilization status.Infrastructure stocks continue to active, zhejiang built eight, nine days of hangzhou botanical garden rose by more than 16%, ningbo construction, palm, etc more than ten shares harden, the whole plate after the climax gradually tend to be differentiated, plate overall direction is still going up, the Shanghai composite index was led turn red, for disk has certain positive stimulus, but cow elder brother found chip every time significantly lift,The day’s markets become less profitable.Take a closer look at Thursday’s disk and environment related, cow brother found that the opening of environmental protection stocks, and after the infrastructure, civil explosion, industrial machinery, construction repair and other concepts are closely related, it seems that “spring start” the main line will go far, related themes will have the opportunity to pull the wheel.Tobacco plate short lift, and the excessive accommodation, freeman paper harden, shun Hao, dongfeng shares to rise in succession, such as from disk on Thursday, the gem index is change the rhythm of the market, is always a shares fell in early trading, more up less, but drop stop stocks keep in single digits, mainly local market performance is given priority to,The plate is mainly concentrated in the early adjustment of the subject matter.Gem index rose more than 1%, and the new medicine plate crown after continuous cyclic appear differentiation, new energy plate lithium salt lake lift stocks continued to pull litre, times jet hit 20 cm harden, sky LiYe, donghua technology such as super 20 boards, ningde age a bit “damaged” or less than 2%, news, lithium carbonate topped 470000 electronic trading price,Raw material prices continue to rise to drive listed companies to turn a positive corner.Shanghai stock index opened lower Thursday go high, after the attack on the 20th line pressure, not fast, the biggest problem is still does not mean that their volume increased, or keep in a weak pattern, cow elder brother still remain range-bound disk analysis, from now on the box body along the increasingly close, volume is still one of the key factors of prices rising.Index continued upward is also more positive, afternoon attention to whether the market can stay above 3480 points.Gem index opened lower Thursday, on line again after 5 line break through 10, once rose nearly 2% in early trading, the trend shows that disk is still relatively strong, as of early closing two cities stocks are down more than up less, but from the point of view of the overall market performance, high cycle track monthly bleeding, this is very positive,Can pay attention to the repair market after the high tide trend.Afternoon attention gem index can stay above 2860 points.The press service of Russia’s southern military region told reporters on The 17th that nearly 20 warships from the Fleet of the Caspian Sea region began exercises in the Caspian Sea.Fleet, according to a press information area nearly 20 warship crews to participate in the exercise, including “dagestan” missile ship, “Olivia, tusk city”, “ap”, “large uz autumn”, “makhachkala,” and “stu skin kuznets” small missile ship, small gunboats, base minesweepers, boat and ship.2. Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury brand, has announced that it will take the lead in raising global prices from February 16 due to rising manufacturing and transportation costs, Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported.It was also one of the first major luxury brands to raise prices this year.Ultra-luxury brand Hermes and Gucci parent Kering are also expected to make significant adjustments to their overall retail prices when they report earnings this week, pushing prices even higher, the report said.Gucci’s small Marmont shoulder bag, which currently sells for about $2,600, is expected to rise about 3%, while other Gucci accessories could rise 10% to 15%.(New Zealand Longitude and Latitude)