Gu Ailing reverse “win”, family members background is open, no wonder so good!

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The Times are changing for the better.In modern society, in order to train children into high-quality talents, we must first improve their academic performance and ensure that they can enter a good university.Second, cultivate children’s interests and hobbies, promote moral, intellectual, physical, art, labor and all-round development.The average parent thinks that their child’s academic performance is either due to careless learning or inadequate teacher training, but the smart parent thinks otherwise.Whether a child’s academic performance is good or not depends not only on their own attitude and the responsibility of teachers, but also “home education” is the most important thing.Blink of an eye, the Spring Festival has passed, the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing.The excellent performance of many Chinese Olympic athletes not only won the honorary gold medal for the Chinese team, but also brought a profound lesson to people and students.The cultivation of outstanding talents is indeed closely related to family education. Gu Ailing, a mixed-race beauty, is a typical example.One, Gu Ailing won another gold medal for The Chinese team, and her family background was made public.No wonder she got into Stanford!Gu, as the favorite to win the Beijing Winter Olympics, let more people know about the “frog princess”.She is a talented athlete.She is always full of confidence.Especially on the last jump, she tried something difficult that she had never done before.This spirit of daring to challenge is also the key to Gu’s success.Gu is not only a gifted skier, but also a true overachiever.Growing up, she always held herself to high standards.In fact, such excellent efforts are inseparable from her good family education background.When it comes to the family background of Gu Ailing, the frog princess, the word “amazing” has to be used.Her mother, from Beijing, is a Stanford graduate and former ski instructor.She may have been influenced by her mother’s career, so Gu loved skiing from an early age.Gu’s father is no ordinary character.Her grandfather also graduated from Stanford, and her father graduated from Harvard.It can be said that the gene in this family is absolutely strong, no wonder Gu Ailing will be so good.Her mother had said she didn’t want to put too much pressure on her daughter.For example, I graduated from Stanford, and her father graduated from Harvard.I would insist that she go to Stanford or Harvard, and I always wanted her to follow her own path.Although her mother does not set high standards for Gu, Gu sets high standards for herself.During her skiing practice, Gu did not give up her studies and was admitted to Stanford University with an SAT score of 1580.No doubt a real straight-a student.Gu said in a previous interview that her mother was the best mother in the world.Though it might make other mothers sad, her own mother was the best.This shows that Gu Trusts her mother very much.Gu’s mother says it is better to lead by example than by precepts.She never forces her children to do anything.She just wants her children not to give up learning, and they need to learn with an open mind throughout their lives.It must be said that very few families in today’s Chinese-style educational family can do such free-range.Basically, every child is in a state of agitation, and parents want their children to win at the starting line.Gu’s family is not like that.When Gu expressed her interest in skiing, her mother drove the children to ski for eight hours a day and encouraged Gu’s progress with her practical actions.That’s why it’s better to teach by example than by preaching.Gu’s success is certain. However, despite gu’s mother’s good teaching methods, her parents should not be too persistent.We should know that Gu’s success is not only about family education, but also about genetics and INTELLIGENCE.She could be a straight-a student in school, mainly because her parents were straight-a students, too.Gu’s success is actually a very clever and excellent child.Add in a variety of world-class resources and a variety of high-quality training, and her success is almost inevitable.Parents should be aware of their own reality when raising their children, and it is not necessary to raise them to be champions and athletes.As long as parents do their best to make their children optimistic, positive, hardworking, excellent is enough.Parents must not neglect their children’s interests and hobbies.As long as it is a viable direction, parents can give their children some support, rather than rushing to deny their interests and stifle their mental development.Conclusion: Congratulations to Gu Ailing.Congratulations to the Chinese team.At this moment, every Chinese is very proud.I hope parents and friends can learn more useful home-schooling ideas from the parents of athletes.I hope primary and secondary school students can learn from the example of athletes.