Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng: Vigorously implement, promote high-quality development of education

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From January 23 to 24, the Leading Party members’ Group of the Ministry of Education held a retreat meeting to discuss the major directions, major difficulties and risks to be grasped and plan the key points and highlights of the annual work, centering on the in-depth implementation of the spirit of the 2022 National Education Work Conference.Minister Huai Jinpeng, secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Ministry of Education, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Members of the Leading party group of the Ministry made a speech based on their responsibilities. 27 departments and 34 directly affiliated units reported one by one and put forward opinions and suggestions on the overall promotion of the leading party group of the Ministry.What was highlighted at the meeting?With small make up to see, peng said, CPC leading group held a day and a half retreats, general secretary of CPC leading group members and each unit in-depth study appreciate xi important discourse about education and instruction instructions spirit, consciousness of standard to the table of the CPC Central Committee decision deployment, combined with the tasks set out in the national work conference on education, insist on combining the case and pragmatic, seeks the ShanDuan can be,In addition, we need to integrate knowledge and action to solve the problem of “how to see” ideologically, and to clarify the idea of “how to do” in action. We need to have a high level of planning, a wide range of education patterns, and a deep focus on work. We have further unified our thinking, clarified the direction, condensed consensus, and achieved the desired results.My arms into the peng:Convert the strategy of the CPC Central Committee for education system, path and key tasks of the strategy, vigorously promotes four aspects to carry out the bosom into peng stressed that the 20th party congress will be held this year, is also the key to the development of education reform, education system to insist on a new era xi arm mind the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with xi jinping, general secretary of the importance of education for direction to follow,To transform the strategy of the CPC Central Committee into the strategy, path and key tasks of the education system, be good at grasping the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction, strive for practical results, have the courage to self-reliance and self-improvement, do the education of the unity of knowledge and action.First, we need to reorient ourselves.To further enhance the political sense, political savvy and execution, of the “two maintenance” into actual effect, seek improvement in stability, to seek progress, to promote stability, to protect stability, to promote education into the new development pattern, the construction of high quality education system, and take concrete actions to meet the party’s great victory at 20.Two, strong management and implementation.We need to take the tasks set at the 2022 National Conference on Education as the “general outline”. We need to think clearly about the targets, the methods and measures, and the final results. We need to adhere to closed-loop management, define plans for division of labor and quantify targets, and refine progress to form work books, so as to provide the people with higher-quality public goods.Third, we need to promote development and implementation.Global to put all the work on the national business development, on the education reform, development and stability of the career planning in the big plate, with the development of anticipation to carry out the difficulty and risk points, deepening of the uncertainty and the new problems in the practice of research, bold practice, dare to struggle, is good at fighting, promote the development of the education quality, the education system’s contribution for the common prosperity.Fourth, we need to work together to ensure implementation.We should look beyond education and take root in education, strengthen communication with departments, local governments and society, coordinate internal coordination, win wider support and understanding, and form a synergy for promoting education reform and development.The meeting was attended by Leading Group for Education of the CPC Central Committee secretaries, departments, bureaus and directly affiliated institutions of the Ministry of Education, and heads of the Discipline inspection group of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed at the Ministry of Education.By Ji Chunxin