On February 4, some directions of the Yangtze River Delta railway ushered in the return passenger flow ahead of schedule

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On the fourth day of the Spring Festival holiday, the return passenger flow of some directions of the Yangtze River Delta railway started early, with 760,000 passengers expected to be sent on that day, the highest in the five-day holiday, according to the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD. (Shanghai Bureau Group).In the first four days of the holiday, the group sent a total of 1.911 million passengers, a significant increase compared with last year.From the current ticketing situation, today’s passenger flow composition to short-haul travel and return passenger flow.Since afternoon, the number of passengers returning to Shanghai from Shanghai to Guangdong, Anhui to Shanghai, central jiangsu and northern Jiangsu increased significantly compared with the previous day.Shanghai-nanjing, Yongzhou-Wenzhou, Ningan, He-Fuzhou and Lian-zhen high-speed railway lines will also see a wave of medium and short distance travel peak.In order to cope with the cold wave weather and ensure the safe travel of passengers, the stations in northern Jiangsu and Northern Anhui of Shanghai Bureau Group company are expected in advance, and actively make emergency plans for passenger transport in rainy, snow and frozen weather. According to the weather conditions, they are ready for emergency services such as clearing snow and deicing, anti-skid and sending warmth.Logistic support units such as Shanghai Electric service Section, Shanghai Engineering Service Section and Shanghai High-speed Train Section organized personnel to do equipment maintenance and overhaul in a timely manner to ensure that the equipment is in good condition according to the use of rail during the Spring Festival Travel rush.In addition, suzhou, Wuxi and Zhenjiang railway stations, on the premise of further improving travel service standards for the elderly, have launched special services for the elderly, such as online ticket purchase, travel reservation, station bus transfer and emergency assistance, before the Spring Festival Travel Rush, to help more and more elderly people travel.According to reporter understanding, during the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, changzhou, zhenjiang, nanjing, bengbu, xuzhou, hefei, high-speed rail station, timely communications to do besides train passengers security and health monitoring, through the station car circulation broadcast, screen scrolling remind, site staff to guide way,Passengers are invited to cooperate with one-to-one security check, man-machine temperature measurement, Beijing Health Green code and nucleic acid negative verification within 48 hours.Train attendants in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and other cities have been assigned to check passengers’ temperatures, remind them of epidemic prevention, and clean up key parts of trains every two hours.The railway department reminds the majority of passengers, the Spring Festival holiday half, the return passenger flow around the start, in order to avoid delay the journey, travel day should be the city traffic transfer, waiting station leave enough time;Wear masks correctly and do not smoke at stations or on trains.Be sure to read the information and properly manage your carry-on luggage.Do not overstep the station, malicious fare evasion and occupying other people’s seats and other illegal acts.Article/reporter Li Juan (CCTV news client) editor/Zhu Wei