Nets lose 10 in a row!Kuzma triple-double, rookie 27+4, Kyrie 31+6, Harden gone what’s the problem?

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The Nets lost 112-113 to the Washington Wizards on Sunday.Before the trade deadline is the nets trade will harden, Paul milsap from 76 people received simmons, small garage, zhuang and first-round draft picks, god can say such transactions or surprising, but for now the nets they are more the attention of the problem is how to stop their losing streak, and the wizards side is also deficient in general, so Michael Owen is expected to lead the team to win,The Nets did take an early lead, but a slump in the third quarter allowed the Wizards to take the lead, and the Nets rallied in the fourth to lose their 10th straight game.In the first quarter of the game, the two teams are in general offensive condition and the score is also very low, and after kuzmardo once played to help the full court to complete the lead, but soon Johnson, Sharp to respond to stabilize the situation, the first quarter of the game to end the nets lead by 3 points.The Nets went on a 6-0 run in the second quarter, but Afdia helped them close the game. The rest of the game was tight, with Gil helping Washington score, but Irving and Vince Carter responded and the Nets still led by four at halftime.The third quarter of the game nets can also take the lead at the beginning, but after the game nets attack downturn, the Wizards side rely on Bryant, Neto to complete the comeback, although after Thomas scored hemostasis, but after eight village 塁 three points, the Wizards hit a wave of 10-0, the end of the three quarter game wizards lead 8 points.The Wizards extended their lead in the fourth quarter, but the Nets missed a 3-pointer late in the game as Kyrie Irving and Tyrus Thomas helped the team score.Vasquez, the horse is the game got three pairs of data of 15 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists, but the game in the fourth quarter kurtz horse is badly scoreless, fortunately, the critical moment pop sound free throws, the wizards have successfully guard Owen eventually force him to pass, finally three points, Thomas wizards narrowly missed win victory.For the rest of the Wizards, Pope had 13 points, five rebounds and two assists, Bryant 13 points, six rebounds and three assists, Neto 21 points, one rebound and six assists, Afdia 13 points, four rebounds and one assist, and 塁 Yashimura 12 points, four rebounds and four assists.As for Thomas, he did his best on a 3-and-1 play in the fourth quarter, but the Nets couldn’t come back and finished with 27 points and four rebounds on 11-of-18 shooting.Irving was ok, at least in the clutch, and that’s what the Nets need from him. He finished with 31 points, five rebounds and six assists.Harden before without leaving the nets, nets, there is no can stop losing streak, but this time harden is met with criticism on the pitch, but now harden has left, the nets of the dressing room is at the very least, there is no problem, just face the remnants of the wizards nets still lose, then harden leave the question of the nets?Clearly now the nets lack of reckoning, mills, Edwards hasn’t been able to step out and help the team in the game, the second is now the nets defense, so when Michael Owen will not be able to continue the offensive performance, the nets can be difficult to win, so wait for Kevin durant, simmons can play, the nets still have a big chance in this season, now.