Proud!Those “Wenzhou forces” at the Beijing Winter Olympics!

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The 2022 Winter Olympics have opened in Beijing, marking the first time in 14 years that the Olympic flame has been rekindled on Chinese soil.Although snow and ice sports are not popular in south China, there are still many wenzhou faces in this Winter Olympics. They include athletes, coaches, directors and volunteers. Wenzhou people have infiltrated almost every field of the Winter Olympics.On the evening of February 4th, Wu Zhitao posted a photo of himself on his wechat moments as a member of the Chinese delegation to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, “The Beijing Winter Olympics have opened, go!”Wu Zhitao, 24, from Longgang, Wenzhou, became the first person to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Wu Zhitao, a native of Longgang, Wenzhou, was recruited to Wenzhou Sports School in February 2011. He was taught by Coaches Chen Xiaoming and Xue Zhigan. He is mainly engaged in men’s 200m and 400m events.In the National Track and Field Grand Prix held in early April 2018, he performed so well that he was recognized by the experts of the national bobsleigh department. Later, he passed the trial training of the national bobsleigh team and became an ice and snow athlete in May of the same year.After switching to ice and snow, Wu achieved a series of breakthroughs.At the 2019 World Junior Bobsled Championships, Wu And his teammates cooperated perfectly to win the U23 title against the Romanian duo.In 2020, Wu zhitao and his teammates won the gold medal of men’s double bobsled in the National Winter Games, which was the first gold medal won by wenzhou athletes in the National Winter Games.At four o ‘clock in the afternoon, Lin Qinwei, a snowmobile athlete with a tired steel frame, returned to Beijing after finishing his trial task on the track.As competition day draws near, Lin qinwei and four other Beijing skeleton bobsleds will be at the Snow Dragon, the National Bobsled Center, every day.The so-called test driver is to participate in the official competition of 50 male and female athletes “proofing”.”There will be left and right slots in the starting lane, and athletes can choose either one to start the race.””Before they train and compete, our test drivers alternate between the left and right slots,” Lin said. “They decide which slot is better for their race based on our Angle and attitude.”In fact, Lin Qinwei, from Wencheng, Wenzhou, was looking forward to the first Winter Olympics in his life, just like the other 50 athletes before he became a test driver for the Winter Olympics.Due to the epidemic and passport problems, Lin Qinwei regretfully missed the opportunity to go abroad to participate in the points competition, which also directly affected his participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the end, though, Lin Qinwei showed up at the Beijing Olympics, even as a staff member.”There are always regrets, but I still have a long way to go and I’m in no rush.”Lin Qinwei said he would first be a good test driver, and then for the winter Olympics dream to start again.Zhang Wenhai, a Chinese dancer, has once again been invited to direct the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, becoming the core director of the world’s first “double Olympic Director team”.It is reported that Zhang Wenhai was recommended by Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Opening and closing ceremonies, the director of the closing ceremony dance.He joined the opening and closing ceremony working department in December 2020 and began creative planning. “There are about 20 chief creators of this opening and closing ceremony, and most of them have cooperated with Director Zhang Yimou for many times. They have a very tacit understanding.”Zhang wenhai has been busy preparing for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics for more than a year.”Early to bed and early to rise”, Zhang Wenhai has a deeper understanding of this word: sometimes four or five o ‘clock in the morning to finish work, say good night to the morning, nine or ten in the morning to work again.Wen-hai zhang introduces, the opening ceremony of the creative concept, unlike in 2008, more focus on the present and the future in terms of planning, simplicity, safety, excellence “as the creation principle, use creativity and technology to achieve visual effect, the screen image, visual effects, live performances, unit together, more reflect the green Olympics and hi-tech Olympics,Let the opening ceremony present romantic, ethereal artistic temperament.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 96 performers danced gracefully and demurely with guideboards that eventually formed a “big snowflake.”Li Yuxian, a girl from Longwan of our city, is one of these “little snow flowers”.”Very lucky to represent a small piece of snow in Turkey, showing the romance of Chinese people to millions of audiences around the world!”After the performance, Li couldn’t wait to express her feelings on her moments.Li Yuxian is a freshman majoring in choreography at Beijing Dance Academy.Shortly after entering the school, the directing team of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games went to the school to select actors. They selected 96 actors from six majors, including ballet, classical, folk, choreography, dance education and National standard, to participate in the dance program to build Snowflake. Li Yuxian was lucky to be an actor.96 people, 96 light signs, any light raised too high or too low will ruin the whole picture, any light on or off even a second late, will lead to the failure of the show.”We went through countless stage walks and five platoons to make sure the performance was flawless,” li said.But in the actual performance, the excitement is completely unmatched by rehearsals.It makes me very proud to watch the Chinese team and cheer for them.”Although there is no wenzhou person in the list of Chinese figure skating team, there is a hero behind the scenes who is from Wenzhou. He is the 26-year-old Chen Qiqi.Chen has been in charge of the athletes’ physical training since he was recruited as the physical coach of the national figure skating team last year.Outbreak reason, staff cuts, Chen Qiqi failed to enter the Chinese delegation of the games are big list and safeguard the camp, however, he remains responsible for ice dance combination Wang Shiyue/LiuXinYu physical training work, during the Beijing Olympics, he by way of online video guide physical training, two is the escort them to the best state.Although Chen Qiqi is only 26 years old this year, four years after graduation, he has provided physical training and security services for athletes of different projects, and with scientific professional guidance, rich training experience, small reputation in the circle, has been praised by the cooperative athletes.Wang Yixi she is the announcee of ski jumping at the ski jumping venue of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, wang Yixi, a girl from Ruian, Wenzhou, is in charge of the live Chinese broadcast.She participated in the selection at the end of 2020, and finally participated in the Chinese broadcasting of all ski jumping events at the National Ski Jumping Center of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as a Chinese announcer.Wang Yixi said that her team is the sports exhibition team of the Winter Olympic Games. The responsibility of the Chinese announcers is to broadcast a series of contents such as athletes’ departure, results, awards and warm tips on the spot. She and Jeff, another American partner, are in charge of broadcasting.Wang yixi said: “Actually this is my first time to participate in such a grand international competition, I feel a little nervous and nervous, but we have gone through many rounds of drills and training, basically still have a solid foundation, looking forward to successfully complete my task.”As one of the important business cards to show China’s image to the outside world, it is naturally highly anticipated and concerned by everyone.This snow venue award dress “Auspicious snow Clouds” once appeared, caused a hot discussion, wenzhou 27-year-old girl Zhu Yiran is “auspicious snow clouds” design team.”Our team designed the winter Olympics medal presentation dress into a three-layer structure based on the three-layer dressing principle, relying on aerospace technology and high-tech materials to improve wind resistance, cold resistance and warmth.Do both grace and temperature.”Zhu Yiran introduced, because the “auspicious snow clouds” will be used in the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in all the snow venues of the award ceremony, need to deal with extremely cold and strong weather conditions, this is the winter Olympic awards costume design difficulties, but also a challenge.”During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I was a junior student in Junior Art School. I watched the Beijing Olympics on TV and was filled with longing and pride.At that time, I never thought that I would be able to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics so closely. It was a seed that germinated.”Mr. Chu said.On the evening of February 4th, the torch was carried to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. The torch was “flying” in the sky. The design team and the design story behind it also came to the stage from behind the scenes.In this design think tank, one of the torch appearance designer Xue Zhichao, is a native of Ruian.Because the torch design is strictly confidential, during the creation, the team’s design room was plastered with “confidential” notes, reminding everyone to do a good job of confidentiality.Their family, friends and even colleagues around them had no idea what they were doing until they revealed the secret.In the office, where data could only be delivered on cd-rom, they kept turning the tables.Mr Xue described the process as “extremely painful”.On September 22, 2020, the “flying” proposal submitted by Alibaba’s design team became the final design proposal of the torch for the 2022 Beijing Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games after the final evaluation by the Beijing Organizing Committee for The Olympic Winter Games.On January 22, 2021, the final structure of “Flying” was finalized.”It has been an honor to work on the design of the Olympic torch.”Xue zhichao said.Source: Wenzhou News Client First review editor: Wang Yanyan Editor: Ye Hong Review: Director Qian Zhongbiao Supervisor: Chen Taisheng Supervisor: Chen Yiquan Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi recommended reading ↓↓↓