Anti cheat on | children when surfing the Internet should pay attention to Parents to supervise not absence

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Dad, I need to watch a video on my phone!Grandpa, I want to play mobile games!~ ~ believe home with children parents most experienced a similar scenario, the child will grow up with mobile phones, mobile phone often use the Internet to play games, watch video, some can even their net to buy things, some parents also bought a mobile phone to the child, some children give their mobile phone to play, but these operations need to build on the foundation of effective regulation,Lead by adult guide children to use network resources correctly, otherwise a little imprudent will bring opportunities for fraudsters.Real case recently, Kunshan city public Security Bureau chengbei police station received a citizen Mr. Wang alarm, said his grandson was cheated, very anxious.In elementary school through understanding, its home Sun Zimeng MOE (a pseudonym) is playing mobile games, suddenly received a stranger friend requests, the other one had his name said he is a policeman, is solve a case, and inform of WeChat suspected of illegal ACTS of its parents, must be removed in 30 minutes with risk, or WeChat would be permanently frozen,They also carry fines and jail time.Sudden encounter, so that the mind is not mature children at a loss, immediately into the fog.Then the other party said that the case is still in the investigation process, if the parents do not want to be caught, the only way is to prove the innocence of the parents by the way of transfer, but the time to handle the case is limited, must do it as soon as possible.The money will be transferred to a “secure account” and returned to the parents’ phones after the investigation is over, the source said.After a “reasonable explanation”, meng Meng confused in accordance with the requirements of the other side, brought the parents’ mobile phone, find a place where no one, in the fraudsters lure, intimidate, camouflage and a series of fraud driven, put down all the psychological defense, just for parents not be “detained”.In this way, Meng Meng used the parents’ mobile phone to transfer 10 times a total of 16,000 yuan to the other party, and then the other party replied that they still need to wait for a day, the parents will be relieved of suspicion.The terrified child said nothing about it until around 22 PM, when Wang found multiple money transfers while using his mobile phone and asked his grandson why, he realized he might have been cheated and immediately called the police.Case analysis in this paper, we describe the pretend to be minor fraud case, swindlers use of telecom network on the fraud crime routines are mostly the same, they are often disguised as police, prosecutors and so on, making false arrest warrant a subpoena, warrant, threatening the victim, in order to achieve the money out of his evil purpose.The police remind the parents or other guardians of minors should fulfill their guardianship duties, to ensure the safety of children online is not only the responsibility of the family, but also the provisions of the law.Minors’ mental development is not mature enough, lack of social experience, the use of mobile phone Internet should be carried out under the supervision of parents, never laissez-faz, neglect discipline, to provide security for the growth of minors.● Take good care of personal network payment information, electronic banking or mobile phone network payment and other passwords belong to personal privacy information, careless management is easy to cause security risks, especially in the complex network environment, minors have limited recognition, easy to appear on the risk of money.● We should pay attention to the anti-fraud education for children, strengthen parent-child communication, ensure that once there is no understanding and questions, can be the first time and parents reflect, in case of money by illegal infringement timely alarm.To source | kunshan micro public security police