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Winter exercise is essential, especially for children, winter appropriate sports, not only can enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, but also exercise their willpower.But what if you sprain your ankle in winter sports?Ankle sprains The ankle is the closest weight-bearing joint to the ground, which means that the ankle is the most weight-bearing joint in the body.Ankle stability plays an important role in daily activities and sports.Ankle sprain is a common disease in clinic. It is the most common disease in joint and ligament injury.Ankle sprains are the most common sports injuries, accounting for about 40% of all sports injuries.When we are doing sports, we should go to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately after ankle sprain. Before treatment, if possible, we can follow the RICE principle.Rest can be understood as resting the injured foot and not working again.The medical term is “immobilization”.If you can, you can find something nearby, such as two or three soft drink bottles, folding a book in half, or even some long pieces of sports equipment (badminton rackets).01ICE Is here to explain the necessity of ice.Heat bilges cold to shrink this principle everybody knows, above all, when ice applies, can contract small blood vessel, reduce the exudation of microcirculation and surrounding organization and swelling.Secondly, the sensory nerve is inhibited when ice is applied, reducing the sense of pain.Finally, the metabolic rate of the tissue is degraded, oxygen consumption is reduced, and inflammatory mediators are reduced.Many other studies have shown that microcirculation disorders and their subsequent tissue damage responses are not evident in the first 24 hours after trauma.So ice it early and keep it on for a while.02 How about ice packs?1. Site where pain or swelling occurs.2. Materials are divided into chemical ice bags and ice water mixture.In case of emergency, you can buy ice cubes or popsicles at your local convenience store.Or grab a cup of iced milk tea (it’s so cold) at your local milk tea shop.3, time is generally 20-30 minutes each time.(This is generally how long it takes for the ice to melt.) 4. Frequency every 3-4 hours is a common method.5, the course of treatment is generally used within 36-48 hours after the injury.Don’t apply the ice pack directly to the skin of the injured foot. Put a thin towel on it to prevent prolonged cold damage.Compression dressing: The dressing should be done from distal to proximal (beginning with the toe and ending with the calf) with appropriate tightness to prevent pressure injury.Elevation of affected limb: promote venous blood return, reduce swelling of patients, reduce swelling and pain.Go to the hospital immediately after an ankle sprain, rule out an undisclosed fracture, and let the doctor evaluate the injury and decide on treatment.Generally, minor injuries of the lateral malleolus ligament can be treated conservatively. The conservative treatment is usually neutral fixation of the ankle with plaster or brace in mild eversion position.The fixed time is 3 to 6 weeks.Try to avoid weight bearing during fixation.Rehabilitation training should be performed immediately after the cast or brace is removed to prevent muscle atrophy and possible joint adhesion.Cast removal can be loaded to walk.After rehabilitation, muscle strength can be restored and physical activity can be carried out in about three months.For more severe lateral malleolar ligament injuries, patients with ankle instability and capsular tears are advised to repair the ligament surgically to prevent repeated sprains due to ankle instability.Postoperatively, plaster fixation is required for 3-6 weeks. After plaster removal, the wearer can walk with weight bearing.Generally, three months to six months after surgery can resume physical activities.From: Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital Editor: Wei Li, Ning Pingying