Is town river technician institute public

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Zhenjiang technician institute is public.1. Zhenjiang Technical College is a national key technical college, founded in 1958, its predecessor was Zhenjiang Technical School.In 1998, it was rated as a national key technical school.The university is located in zhenjiang University Park, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with an elegant environment.The campus is divided into five functional areas: study area, practice area, comprehensive office area, living area and sports area.2. The enrollment target of the college is mainly former middle school, high school, secondary technology (secondary vocational, vocational) graduates, the scope of enrollment is for the whole country.Graduates of higher vocational colleges are awarded the diploma of Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College.At the same time, technical college graduates can obtain the relevant professional senior professional qualification certificate, technician undergraduate graduates can obtain the relevant professional technician professional qualification certificate.3. Public schools mainly refer to those run by government departments. Part of the funds for running schools come from the government, while private schools rely entirely on their own funding, which is sufficient to ensure the normal teaching activities of the schools.Private colleges and universities are the higher education institutions organized by social forces.