Jianyang Education released a new semester dream to the future together

2022-05-16 0 By

Taurus fanfu open brocade, tiger wings will wind and cloud.On February 17, 2022, teachers and students of Jianyang Dongxi Junior High School gathered together to attend the online opening ceremony to welcome the New Year and semester and embark on a new journey to the future.In the passionate national anthem, Principal Yan Zhihong made an inspiring New Year’s speech, leading the teachers and students of East Middle School to look back on 2021. East Middle School people will stay true to their original aspiration, strive hard, and finally create a brilliant course of struggle.Yan encouraged the students in grade 7, 8 and 9, hoping that they could keep their enthusiasm for learning and become more independent, confident and self-reliant while recognizing their shortcomings.At last, President Yan expressed high hopes for the students, wishing that they could live up to their youth and dreams.Recognition of outstanding students in the last school year is the highlight of every opening ceremony.President Yan and President Lei presented the certificates to the students, hoping that they would refrain from arrogance and rash in the study of the new semester and keep a rigorous and serious attitude, striving for greater progress and better grades in the future.”The youth is strong, the country is strong, the youth is wise, the country is wise” liu Annie from Class 3 grade 7 brought the keynote speech “our hearts to the Party, the motherland will be brilliant”.She said: time replacement, spring and autumn, imperceptibly the torch of the era will be transferred to our hands, by our relay, continue to move forward, continue to struggle, continue to write.We teenagers are the hope of the motherland, is the future of the nation, and realizing the great revival of Chinese national spirit is the key to the Chinese dream, so we should establish the national spirit, study hard, to those with rivers, for example with the moon and the happiness of the predecessors, contributing to the rise of the Chinese own strength, realize the great mission of the Chinese nation, represent the heroic spirit of the Chinese,For the prosperity of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and always ready!Under the arrangement of the student affairs office, every class also around tianfu culture into the campus, mental health education, the socialist core values, in the spring of infectious disease prevention, civilization etiquette education, behavior habit, cell phone management, management of sleep, primary and secondary school students daily behavior standards and so on to elaborate design, organization, carried out the opening the first lesson of this term.Tiger pentium open scenery, tiger Tiger shengwei exhibition grand plan.New semester, new task, new mission, new challenge.I believe that all teachers and students of Dongzhong Will make concerted efforts to write a new chapter with wisdom and sweat.