Maoming: The construction of the 3.3-kilometer Dongyue Road is progressing steadily

2022-05-16 0 By

It is planned to complete the construction of the section north of Youcheng No.10 Road by the end of May. After the completion of the whole road, the traffic pressure at the level intersection of Maoming Avenue and Youcheng Road will be effectively alleviated, and the asphalt paving of the 1.3km section north of Youcheng No.10 Road will be further expanded in the urban framework of Dongyue Road project.The small picture is the design effect drawing.Road is one of the most important urban infrastructure and also a livelihood project related to the vital interests of the masses.Dongyue Road, as a new urban road in east Maoming district, plays an important role in running through the east district, and has attracted public attention since it was started in March last year.On the afternoon of February 17, the reporter came to the construction site of dongyue Road project to learn about the progress of the project.Came to the construction site, the reporter saw the construction pavement is divided into two parts, part of the road has been laid asphalt, part of the road also need to use excavators, bulldozers for road leveling operations.At the construction site of this section, the roar of machines can be heard incessantly, and workers wearing hard hats are working nervously. Despite the recent frequent rain weather, the construction progress has not been affected.It is understood that the Dongyue Road project is located in the eastern area of the central city, starting from Maoyang Road in the north and ending at Wencai Road in the south, with a north-south direction. The road is 3.3 kilometers long and the red line is 42 meters wide. It is built according to the standard of eight-lane urban main road in both directions.The construction of the road not only expands the urban framework of the eastern part of the city together with guanshan Road 7 and Shuangshan Road 8, but also can effectively relieve the traffic pressure of Youcheng Road 10, provide more, more efficient and convenient traffic choices for vehicles, further improve the living environment of the people in the two areas, and make the people travel safer and more convenient.Up to now, the construction length of the project is about 2.1 km, accounting for about 63% of the total project.Before the Spring Festival, the project has completed 1.3km asphalt paving in the north of Youcheng No.10 Road, and the overall progress of the project is about 40% completed.Reporters saw at the scene, has been paved asphalt sections are under the construction of pavement, green belt and road safety signs and other traffic safety engineering projects.Next, the installation of street lights will be carried out, and the rest of the projects are also in full swing.The reporter learned that the project is scheduled to complete the construction task of the section north of youcheng 10 Road by the end of May, effectively relieving the traffic pressure at the level intersection of Maoming Avenue and Youcheng Road.The remaining section south of the 10th Road of oil City is also being accelerated.”As the main municipal road in east Maoming and one of the city’s ten key projects for people’s livelihood, Dongyue Road has attracted much attention since its construction.Under the high attention of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government and the strong support of the local towns and streets, all units actively cooperate to carry out various work. As the construction unit of the project, Chengtou Group seized the favorable construction conditions and actively and steadily promoted the construction of the project.Zheng Maofeng, director of the Dongyue Road project of ShICHENG Investment Group, said in an interview that shicheng Investment Group, as the construction party, has effectively enhanced the sense of responsibility and urgency of project construction.”In the future, The Group will continue to urge the construction units to increase the investment of machinery, equipment, personnel and capital, arrange the construction plan scientifically and reasonably, and work overtime to accelerate the construction of urban road projects under the condition of ensuring quality and safety.”Maoming daily reporter Deng Huihui