Second generation CS55PLUS | Aesthetic UP, brilliant and exciting

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The first CS series of new products under the new science and technology wisdom aesthetics of the use of human warmth of science and technology and wisdom of the organic integration of science and technology aesthetics and practical value I am UP New Light years, seal cutting artists know white guard black, upright and far every carving, pay attention to strict seams this is an art,It’s a philosophy of life, just like the second generation CS55PLUS, the pursuit of excellence in appearance design, new technology, wisdom, aesthetics,The progressive light and shadow grille is the duet of light and shadow, which is the favorite parametric design technique of the new Light Year. The supercontinuous body surface is the ultimate body shape and the body shape is displayed to refine the static, slow and fast moving, and the potential energy changes of different scenes form the super continuous surface and lines. I am UP New Light Year.The intersection of classical and modern young dancers, the combination of soft beauty and hardness, the repeated polishing of movements, all for the perfect interpretation of the halo, standing on tiptoe,Dancing zui beauty life attitude as the second generation CS55PLUS moment highlights, can illuminate life star ring rim using low pressure casting process of advanced and mature manufacturing assistance new light years crowd UP step by step UP the wind ring light young, will be different, geometric circular chy-tech optimization of optical design for vehicle, luminous efficiency 30% increased 1 daytime running lights:3LED taillight: 128 LED lights interweave into a dazzling halo. 4LED rear brake light:Annular brake lights and tail fins are perfectly integrated to occupy a high visual position. I am UP New Light Year, a Chinese fashion lover who flaunts individuality and independence. Young people will always have the spirit of unbending, neither conformity nor kitschy.Full of hope for the future the outline map of my own life UP life will over continuous separation is not double screen design double screen multi-dimensional information seamless interaction eyes from the road to ensure driving safety perspective suspension controls synthesize lightsome space aesthetics and convenient and practical function in order to think of opportunely hollow out design for your love and adding quantity I am light UP New Year,Graffiti lovers painting is a gift of self-expression, true colors show that they break away from the secular view and seek a corner of individuality. Just like the second generation OF CS55PLUS, they are young, loving, brave and fearless.Forever love the sky panoramic skylight 0.83㎡ large sky panoramic skylight 0.5m step open and close length bring boundless vision enjoy comfortable and comfortable one-click open do your own life UP master more new Light year exclusive quality details 1D sports steering wheel: fit the hand curve, feel better 2 integrated sports seat:Ergonomic streamlined design, to better support the body 3 large area of soft wrapping cover: large area of soft material with fine stitching, enhance visual ductility 4 personalized interior color combination:Smoky black, intense red and khaki grey are matched with two interior styles of burning sport and technological simplicity, and matched with red and gold body trim, flexible color combination echoes inside and outside to meet your diverse aesthetic needs