Cognitive breakout chapter one, slap yourself in the face: Rediscover yourself

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Perhaps we do not know ourselves, and all knowledge begins with knowledge of ourselves. Only with a clear understanding of our various behaviors and a clear sense of our limitations can we open our hearts to something better.So I’ve made this chapter the first to look at just how unreliable our current beliefs about ourselves are.We have too many wrong, rigid ideas, which we have because we have been exposed to too many toxic ideas.These poisonous thoughts are usually wrapped in the coat of idealism, making us indulge in the one-sided remarks or lies of the “inappropriate” ancients, ignorant people and well-intentioned people.Add to that the inability of most of us to think deeply, and we add more wrong things to the wrong cognitive system, making even small improvements extremely difficult.In this book, we will unpack more truths about the world, but for those of us who don’t normally think deeply, we can’t continue to think deeply until we know ourselves first and get used to punching ourselves in the face.• Our brains are unreliable, slicing and dicing, creating ourselves and deceiving ourselves in order to get better emotional experiences.• Our memories are memories that have been transformed by our self-consciousness.• Our evaluation of ourselves is based on feedback from others, so it’s not that we don’t evaluate ourselves objectively, it’s that we don’t want to.• Laziness, indulgence, and lack of self-control are all rooted in a limited cognitive ability to see the huge benefits of something and therefore not generate enough motivation.In a broad sense, cognition is also a kind of intelligence.• Opportunity is not so dependent on luck. It doesn’t favor you because you don’t have what it takes to open it.• Make yourself a better person first, and the “unexpected luck” will be more likely to happen.• Snobbery is hardwired into the human DNA. It is not a derogatory term. Snobbery runs through all forms of human behavior.• The right way to gain popularity is to have more positive resources.