State Grid Xiangtan Power Supply Company raced against time to wire nucleic acid testing points

2022-05-18 0 By

Work site.”Thanks for the power supply company’s support for epidemic prevention!”On March 25, the Dongfanghong Communist Party service team of Xiangtan Power Supply Company of State Grid quickly attacked. In just one hour, it successfully connected the temporary power supply for the 24-hour nucleic acid collection and detection point at the nangu Toll station exit of Xu-Guang Expressway, which was highly praised by the epidemic prevention staff at the detection point.At 6:30 p.m., the company’s heling power supply office received an emergency work call from the heling town government. In order to cope with the increasingly severe epidemic situation, the town government will add a 24-hour nucleic acid collection and testing point at the exit of nangu Toll station on Xuguang Highway, and the scene is in urgent need of temporary power supply for epidemic prevention.To this end, State Grid Xiangtan Power Supply Company immediately organized the Party member service team to quickly prepare wiring materials, lighting lamps, construction tools and other materials to rush to the scene and install temporary power supply and emergency lighting for epidemic prevention.The CPC service members worked closely with each other and carried out the work of the power supply points, the laying of power lines, the installation of lamp switches and sockets at the same time. Within one hour, they completed the power supply guarantee for the new nucleic acid collection and testing points, and set up a total of more than 50 meters of power supply lines, 4 lighting lamps, and 3 sets of switches and sockets.To provide strong and reliable power supply for the medical staff and volunteers who are working hard on the front line of fighting the epidemic.The CPC service members also checked the potential safety hazards of electricity facilities around the nucleic acid collection and testing sites, and established a communication mechanism with the town government of the jurisdiction to open a “green channel” for emergency power supply guarantee in the later period.(Correspondent Liu Permeated geng Zhijian)