Hong Kong’s “queen of parking lots” : 30 years ago to buy 180 parking Spaces, the latter one is worth a house

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What comes to mind when you think of Hong Kong?Is it sex?Is it a financial center?Or is it rich?Speaking of the rich, the most famous in the mainland are Li Ka-shing and the family of gambling king Stanley Ho, whose family has been the subject of intense gossip in recent years.Netizens with great interest, not only talk about the scandal of the gambling king family members, more gathered in the gambling king’s huge property, Hong Kong rich gathered, both gambling king such a high-profile family, but also some families act low-key, silent fortune, Liao Tang Hui is one of the outstanding.Hong Kong queen “parking lot” merchant family, a mutation Liao Shang hui ailing was born in a merchant family, formerly known as Shang Hui brume, mother is a businessman, do the construction business under the influence of family, since the childhood, Shang Hui brume is very interested in the business, and parents teach business experience, Shang Hui brume is very confident to make big things, at this time,Tang Hui and met liao Baoshan’s son – Liao Lizheng.They became a successful couple, and Margaret was renamed Margaret Liao in accordance with the customs of Hong Kong. The Liao family is also a large family in Hong Kong. Before Li Ka-shing became rich, Liao Bao-shan was already a billionaire, and li Ka-shing regarded her as a role model.In Shang Hui brume bride’s family and her husband’s blessing, Shang Hui ailing for their career more and more confident, but it is the unforeseen, liao family founded by liu chong hing bank suffered a run, a lot of people at the same time puts forward in liu chong hing bank deposit, most Banks will users of deposits to invest in, liu chong hing bank is no exception.He poured his money into the real estate industry, and liao Chuangxing Bank suffered a fatal blow from the sudden bank run. Liao Baoshan, the founder of Liao Chuangxing Bank and the main member of the Liao family, died because of the excessive stimulation of the event.Unexpected events broke Tang Hui for business fantasy, in order to repay the bank users arrears, Tang Hui and her husband Liao Lizheng sold off the family property, the risk spent the debt crisis, although the debt is paid off, but the next day and where to go?In order to find suitable investment opportunities, Tang Hui went to various places to investigate the market. After measuring, Tang Hui believed that the real estate industry was worth investing in, and a skinny camel was bigger than a horse, even though it had lost its former glory.In Shang Hui brume hand contacts and the money is much more than the average person, determined to invest in real estate, Shang Hui brume organization family’s two younger brother wen-liang tang and his bright JiHui group is established in 1976, a lot of investment, luxury property and luxury apartments, investment strategy this time really let Shang Hui brume earned a lot of money.However, Tang was keenly aware of the problem. Most of the luxury apartments in Hong Kong are for employees of multinational companies, and the limited budgets of multinational companies directly result in the maximum return of 4% on the property invested by Tang hui hui. In order to expand her return, Tang Hui hui has to seek new investment.Parking lot is the new investment direction that Tang Huihui, queen of parking lot, found. In the 1990s, Hong Kong was in the stage of rapid development, and residents’ vehicle ownership soared, which was bound to bring about the shortage of parking space. Perhaps Tang Huihui was not the first person to discover this business opportunity.However, Tang Hui Was the first person who dared to invest in the unpopular field that was not favored by the public. At that time, many people did not dare to invest, but Tang Hui saw the business opportunity and invested without hesitation. After selling off some of her assets, she won 180 parking Spaces at one go.After all, the universe has not failed Tang, and the parking Spaces generate more revenue each year than the luxury real estate business she invested heavily in.The success of Tang Hui Ai has also attracted other rich people to enter the parking space market, so there will be competition and competition.Shang Hui brume is not a man who fears competition, the use of parking lots of contacts and experience, their early investment cost 200 million yuan to build a large parking lot, others than nature is already in the spot market occupies a share Shang Hui brume, and Shang Hui brume may also have no thought of the value of these parking Spaces created by far more than that.Due to the rapid development of Hong Kong and the rapid increase of population density, it is difficult to guarantee housing for the masses, let alone parking space.Other places are lotteries to buy a house, lotteries to buy a car, Hong Kong even parking to lotteries to buy, some places lotteries wait for up to three years, a parking space is difficult to find the situation is the price of the parking space is getting higher and higher, some lots of parking space can even buy a house in Shenzhen opposite Hong Kong.In order to vigorously develop finance, Hong Kong cleared out the manufacturing industry in the territory, but now the majority of Hong Kong’s industry is the tertiary industry, which is dominated by the financial industry.Hong Kong has successfully become a world financial center but its lack of manufacturing has led to a financial sector that is mainly devoted to real estate.Hong Kong is now one of the world’s most expensive places to buy property, as financiers and property developers take money from the stock market and pump it into real estate.To sum up, the parking space of Tang Hui Ai is becoming more and more popular year by year. The price of parking space rental and sale is getting higher and higher. Even a parking space was sold for 13 million yuan.Some people estimate the value of all the parking Spaces in Tang Hui ai as high as 23 billion yuan, and there is the possibility of upward appreciation.Tang was listed as the 28th richest person in Hong Kong, China by Forbes in 2021.Such gold absorption ability, Tang Hui is worthy of the “queen of parking lot”.As long as Tang is not a spendthrift, she can live a rich life unimaginable to ordinary people with the proceeds from the parking space alone.However, Tang Hui is A person with A very sense of crisis, she observed that more and more people enter the parking space market for competition, perhaps one day they can not continue to stand in the parking space market, Tang Hui Ai prepared for A rainy day, began to invest in a-grade office buildings.As a world financial center, Hong Kong has many foreign companies and financial professionals everywhere, but there is only so much land in Hong Kong. The office area in the downtown area and the surrounding area of the center is no more than 24 million square feet, and there are only 45 office buildings. Foreign workers say that the rent of office buildings in Hong Kong is even 50% higher than that in New York.This is an excellent investment opportunity in The eyes of Tang Hui.Having an idea, Tang hui-ai spared no effort to realize it, and successively acquired New Millennium Plaza, Shun Tak Company, Far East Financial Center, Lippo Center, and Haifu Center.And the ownership of nine buildings in The China Insurance Group Tower and Austin Plaza, from which Ms. Tang now derives her regular income, as well as her parking space.The success of Tang Hui Is not accidental, but the inevitable result of her own ability, courage and vision. She is never satisfied with the status quo, bold and courageous in doing things, always thinking of danger in times of peace and taking precautionary measures.