Huimin area market supervision bureau zhongshan West Road temporary take the initiative to work together

2022-05-19 0 By

In order to timely deal with the work of the market Supervision Office and the second Supervision Office of Zhongshan West Road affected by the epidemic, after the study and decision of the leadership of the Market Supervision Administration in The Hui People’s Area, the core force was transferred to establish the temporary market supervision Office of Zhongshan West Road, with six staff members entering and investing in epidemic prevention and control and daily market supervision.Upon arrival, the staff immediately arranged and carried out relevant work. Through daily inspections and special nighttime inspections, they conducted standardized inspections on epidemic prevention and control in restaurants, pharmacies and small supermarkets within 1.83 square kilometers of their jurisdiction, supervised the implementation of epidemic prevention policies, and handled consumer complaints and reports.Up to now, we have inspected more than 350 business households of various industries in the jurisdiction, including more than 30 pharmacies, 150 restaurants, and more than 200 other stores and small supermarkets. We found problems in 48 households and ordered them to rectify. 6 households were suspended for rectification due to violation of epidemic prevention and control regulations.The main problems are inadequate implementation of epidemic prevention and control policies, non-standard wearing of masks, inadequate scanning of customer codes for temperature measurement, failure to carry out disinfection and disinfection in strict accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements, and incomplete filling of records such as morning check-up of shop assistants, on-site disinfection and visitor registration.Zhongshan West Road temporary market supervision in the completion of the daily inspection work at the same time, quick response, timely handling of consumer complaints, consumer rights and interests.As of March 26, we have received more than 36 complaints and reports from consumers, and have dealt with 17 of them quickly. The remaining complaints and reports have been contacted with the complainants for further processing.