Look at 54 new works released overseas in March

2022-05-19 0 By

News, April 8, it is reported that Kuaikan APP today announced the monthly record of going to sea, a total of 54 online.The one where I was beaten up by a boss ranked 4th on the PAID Tapas chart in the US.The contract wife of the president of flash marriage ranked second on the Real-time list of Naver in South Korea.Dumb slave in Thailand – Wecomics – top seller;Upwind Flowers in France – Delitoon – fourth best seller.A total of nine new works have been released on meganovel platform this month, including the human evolution theory and The Power Cube.Former War 3- Good Girls, Concubine 9 – Princess Charming has become the seven most licensed works in the world, covering 10 languages including Germany, France and Portugal.