The Spring Festival, the most time in Chinese film history for new films to pre-sell more than 100 million yuan, has grossed 937 million yuan

2022-05-19 0 By

This morning, the much-anticipated Spring Festival season of 2022 finally kicked off.”Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake”, “Miracle”, “Boonie Bears: After Earth”, “The Killer Is Not Too Cool”, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket Out of the Future”, “Four Seas”, “Sniper” and “Little Tiger Den Heroes” have officially hit the big screen.Pro real-time data, according to the lighthouse as of February 1, 0, 2022 Spring Festival file real-time booking total box office film before 937 million, in the new film “watergate bridge of long jin lake” “four seas” the killer is not very calm, “miracle, stupid kid” four booking are more than 100 million films, become China’s history the most film opens to booking a breakthrough of the Spring Festival,”Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” led the pre-sale period with over 400 million yuan.Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Kong Xiaoping proofread Wang Fei