Jiangsu Suzhou: gang stealing electric cars across the district crime spree, The Police in Gusu captured!

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One person stole a car, two people received stolen goods, within two months, across the three districts, more than 10 crazy crimes.Recently, this electric car theft gang was captured by the Police in Gusu.Case review In the morning of January 11, Suzhou public Security branch Taohuawu police station received district residents Mr. Gao alarm, said parked in the roadside electric bicycle disappeared.Mr. Gao said that he had parked his car at the roadside of the alley the night before and felt there was no need to lock the car because he lived across the street. He pulled out the key and went home, but the bike had disappeared overnight.Gao’s electric car, which is 80 percent new and costs nearly 6,000 yuan, is a big loss for him.After receiving the alarm, the taohuawu police station immediately cooperated with the patrol police, network security and other departments to carry out investigation work, after taking the road monitoring, locked a suspicious man.The man, wearing a heavy winter coat and a mask and covering himself, rode the stolen moped back and forth through the alleys of the ancient city, eventually ending up in an alley about a kilometre away, before abandoning the vehicle and leaving the scene on foot.Don’t you want the stolen car?Police judge, the man has a certain sense of anti investigation, should be in the wait-and-see to take the car.The police station arranges the police force to carry on the concern to this, confirmed through the investigation the man is peng mou.As the police expected, two days later, Peng appeared again to take the car, police immediately secretly follow.This time, Peng will directly ride the electric bike to a new village in the new district to fence stolen goods.Who knows fences after peng immediately stopped a taxi to leave quickly, disappeared in the line of sight tracking police.Police on the spot capture receive stolen goods suspect Chen mou, stolen vehicles are also detained.After capturing Chen, the police soldiers divided into two roads, while continuing to track peng’s movements, while in-depth investigation for Peng’s theft and illegal behavior.After combing and string, Peng has more than ten theft, police also found that in addition to Chen, and located in the new area of another Guo also received stolen goods for Peng.While taking a taxi, Peng changed his clothes to avoid being tracked down by the police, but the police found his hiding place and arrested him.At the same time, Guo’s fence was destroyed.Classics examine, Peng mou does not have fixed job, income source is theft income namely.Peng some general during the day, looking for a new large electric bicycle, early morning to start stealing.In order to avoid detection, Peng will deliberately steal to the electric car parked in the roadside, confirm “safety” and then retrieved, transferred to the new district fence.Since last November, Peng has been in Wuzhong district, new district, Gusu district and other places to steal more than 10 electric vehicles, random to Guo or Chen fence.Peng thought he was “perfect”, but no matter how cunning the fox also escaped the good hunter.At present, suspect Peng mou, Chen mou, Guo mou are detained by criminal law because of suspected theft, the case is further investigation.Electric bicycles are light and convenient, and are the first choice for many citizens to travel, but they are therefore “favored” by criminals. Parking locks will be taken advantage of by negligence.The police remind, the public friends in parking vehicles when the necessary choice of formal parking area and timely lock, do not take chances or convenient parking, valuables on the car should also be taken away in time, beware of unnecessary economic losses.Source: Gusu Public Security micro police